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chris stones
Reinhardt GDM theme

KDM3 Themes by leinir 7 comments

This is probably the best KDM theme on kde-look at the moment.

unfortunatly, it doesnt work on my amd64 gentoo kde-3.4 desktop.

i get the error..

theme not useable with authentication method 'username + password(classic)'

does anyone know of any workarounds, or why this is happening ???


(ohh, and i agree it should be rated higher, so i gave a postive feedback) - May 10 2005
KDM Theme Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by smileaf 237 comments

fantastic !

Worked fine on my AMD64 despite being marked as unstable/testing. - May 10 2005
Improved AKDC Kwin themes ebuilds

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by res0r9lm 11 comments

On AMD64 machines this fails with a "missing keyword" error.

adding ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" before the emerge command makes this compile. and so far, this works perfect on the 64bit platform...

why not add the ~amd64 keyword to the package. - Feb 07 2005
Open Your Mind. Use Open Source.

Wallpaper Other by caveman 6 comments


since every1 else is surgesting slight modifications to your slogan.. here is mine....

i once heard some1 taking the p1$$ outa the film "the matrix" say...

"Free you mind, and your ass will follow"

how abouts...

"Free your mind, and your source will follow"

hey, i signed up for an account just to post - Aug 16 2004