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Harsh J Chennai, India
Plasma 4 Extensions
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Keyboard Status Applet

Plasma 4 Extensions 9 comments

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Nov 10 2009
I do not maintain this, nor do I have the skill required to work on it. Its in the KDE Playground iirc. Contact the dev about it perhaps? :) - Nov 10 2009
ComicBook Thumbnail Plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 25 comments

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Oct 27 2009
Am sad cause I'll be missing the great user comments here after 4.4 :( - Oct 31 2009
Sorry, overlooked the application/x-tar type. Fixed now, redownload the update and build and all types of tar must work under KDE (tar, compressed tar, gz, and bz2). - Oct 27 2009
Have applied for a review for entry into 4.4 (Can't do 4.3, new Translation Strings).

You can view the reviewboard entry here:

Have also improved the source a bit. Will put up a new download soon. - Oct 27 2009
I should put this in the README, forgot about it. One has to set the maximum file size to something around 40 MB. Wish there was a per-plugin setting for this though. - Oct 25 2009

Updated the download with a newer CMakeLists.txt file. Redownload and build - it should work.

Thanks to the anonymous user tip [url=]here[/url].

Thank you for reporting this in, am new at CMake :) - Oct 25 2009
Is there a specific process to get this done? :) - Oct 25 2009
Thank you for the comment - KDE is indeed beautiful in all aspects :) - Oct 24 2009
You're welcome. Necessity (read: 500 unmanageable comic files) was the mother of this invention ;-) - Oct 24 2009
Yes it is normal and its 'cause the .cbr (application/x-cbr MIME) is just a subtype of .rar (application/x-rar). They're just .rar files renamed and contain ordered image files :)

Glad to know that the plugin helped you! If you notice any bugs, do let me know :) - Oct 24 2009
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 842 comments

by panzi
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Nov 05 2010
Nah, IMHO an option for such a thing wouldn't be a good move. You can prefer to keep it the way you want it - It's just a fancy thing to watch it move with the mouse cursor (and familiar for the W7 users I s'pose), am sure people who want it real bad will change that part themselves thanks to your very readable code :) - Oct 12 2009
No, I guess not, that change was reversed after the merge, though the code to do that is actually in there - commented.

Perhaps it could be an option but it could get confusing if so.

Anyway, here's the patch (in Light.cpp) for the change, its a simple comment hack (for the current codebase):

cd into the smooth-tasks directory after the hg clone and apply it by `patch -p1 < filename`. Or you could look at the changes in the pastebin file and make it yourself.
- Oct 12 2009
No it currently is not exactly what I'd contributed, but a more worked-upon function.

Am glad I contributed something though, one of my firsts :D - Oct 12 2009
From what I could understand after playing with W7 lights is that it does not compute an average but rather takes the color (or part of the color range) that appears to be the most densely available in the image.

The AVG example shows this, and also Firefox. What really confuses me, if I apply this logic, is the WinRAR being shown brown.

And of course, the 'lightening' part is apparent from your Scanner app screenshot.

I'll try hacking on it again today, and see if I can find the most dense color regions belonging to a similar color without intersections. I hope that should do better.

Anyways, the current work on it is also cool, nothing less than it! It's KDE afterall, not W7 ;) - Oct 11 2009
Nope! Its been merged in by Panzi with improvements, its available in Smooth Tasks' latest release :) - Oct 11 2009
Your new method works great, thank you!

Though I prefer that the glow keeps moving with my mouse pointer position, and I do that change as I build these new updates :) - Oct 11 2009
I've added color hot-tracking support (As in Windows 7, average coloring using the icon) for Smooth Tasks and the fork is available on bit bucket for download.

You can check my blog post, with a video of its demo at this url:

The code is available for clone/download at: - Oct 10 2009
QtOgre Framework

Graphic Apps 6 comments

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Nov 10 2008
Very impressive application, thats a lot of hard work put in, really! :) - Nov 10 2008
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by panzi

Score 86.9%
Oct 12 2009