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Andrew Emery Auckland, New Zealand
Oxygen-Refit 2 - Orange Version

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Jun 23 2008
Ooooop. It's working again now. Woohoo. - Jan 31 2009
The download link from Mediafire doesn't appear to be working. Does anyone else have the archive and the ability to upload it somewhere? - Jan 31 2009
I just registered with Gnome-Look just so I could comment and tell you how much I love this icon set. Thanks so much. - Jul 08 2008

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Jul 18 2012
What has changed with the update on the 29th Jan? - Jan 29 2009
Elegant Brit

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Mar 16 2008
Synaptic looks like that because it is run as root and the change in theme alerts you to that fact (the same thing happens when you gksudo nautilus). This is not a problem with this theme. - Dec 02 2008
What engine(s) does it use? Under Intrepid it states that the theme will not display properly as the Gtk engine is not installed. It does seem lighter and less defined than in Hardy. - Nov 02 2008
steam plane

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Sep 25 2008
Did you create this image? - Sep 25 2008
Orange door hinge

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May 01 2008
Actually I just fixed this. I removed the shadow from window decorations in Compiz then made the panels 26 pixels high. It looks cool. It goes especially well with Oxygen Refit 2 Orange Version (icons) and Die Hard 4.0 Emerald - Jul 10 2008
I really like this theme and am using it at the moment. The only way it could be better is if the white line on the top panel showed at the bottom of the panel. - Jul 09 2008