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Donatas Petrauskas Vilnius, Lithuania
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Murrine Tumsoo

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Mar 25 2007
can't agree more with that, but i just wanted fast solution for annoying white shadow. i would like to make a more flexible patch which would add such options as you've described but i really do not have time now, though i will consider that in future. btw, does anyone know whether white shadow is hardcoded in gtkstyle.c or am i mistaken? - Mar 25 2007
sorry, next time i'll work at day :D - Mar 25 2007
applying a patch is as simple as downloading murrine-0.51 source extracting it and executing
"patch -p1 < murrine_style.c.patch"
this command should be run in parent directory of murrine-0.51 folder - Mar 25 2007