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anonymus btard
OSX-Tiger theme

GTK2 Themes by Lauri 81 comments

Who honestly gives a crap what you make your OS look like.

If I'm used to the Windows or Mac OSX interface and I'm moving to the Linux OS, it's very helpful for the interface to look similar to what I'm used to, since it decreases the learning curve.

and Fri13, you're a douche. Your broken English and know-it-all attitude makes me RAGE so hard. It's people like you that have kept me from migrating to Linux. I'm sick of you linux elitist a-holes.

If the point of the linux os is to create something new and not to copy other stuff...tell me how having the ability to make your OS look like another one that costs hundreds of dollars isn't innovative or original. I can't make Vista look like Gnome, even if I wanted to, without having to circumvent some sort of limitations or restrictions and jump through all kinds of loops to get it to work properly. Step off of your soap box and shut up because nobody cares.

Also, to the author, this theme is mint. Excellent job! - Feb 04 2009