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gabriel j├╝lke , Germany
myCalendar aio glass theme

Karamba & Superkaramba by pyriander 7 comments

thx :)

search for "snaiya" here at for the wallpaper... its 1600x1200 so i modified it for 1280x800... if you want it for widescreen tell me or do it yourself ;) - Jun 22 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba by penguinbrat 7 comments

hi, great work but i disliked the theme :) doesn't fit with my aero-aio.
so i have made a new theme to fit the aero-aio glass theme. :) hope you like it. - Jun 20 2007
Polar Theme - Preview 5

Full Icon Themes by conteXx 44 comments

hi there,
i really would like to use this theme but i can't install it... i downloaded the but the control centre tells me "this is no theme archive" .. :(

what am i to do to get this theme to work??

thx - Apr 20 2007