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Jul 11 2008
Are you sure you're not mixing up versions of kdesvn-build? I can't reproduce here but since kdesvn-build is part of kdesdk it is commonly included on people's systems when they don't realize it.

Please confirm you have at least kdesvn-build 1.6.1 by running kdesvn-build --version to make sure you're not accidentally running an older version of kdesvn-build included on your system. - Jul 11 2008
Ah yes, I keep forgetting to fix this bug, thanks for reminding me. - Jun 29 2008
Not really, I suppose. I haven't tried it yet myself but I'm sure it's better than 1.5. ;) - Oct 17 2006
I will mention that in the documentation, thanks. - Feb 12 2006
Is the libungif library you have installed recent enough? Browsing around the internet, it seems you should have 4.0 or 3.0. I have 4.1.3 and things seem to be OK. - Feb 07 2006
Logs are kept for every kdesvn-build you do. Normally they are kept in the /log directory of your KDE source folder. (By default this is ~/kdesvn/log). The last kdesvn-build log can be reached in log/latest. The others are dated and then numbered. For example, you may have a folder ~/kdesvn/log/2005-07-27-01. In each of these log folders is a directory for each module that kdesvn-build dealt with. The module directory contains all the logs pertaining to that module. If a module failed for some reason, there will be an error.log file explaining why. To break it all down, if e.g. kdelibs failed for some reason on your last run, you could find out why by looking at ~/kdesvn/log/latest/kdelibs/error.log Hope this helps. - Jul 28 2005
Sounds like a nice idea, and I'm always looking to make kdesvn-build more convenient to use. Perhaps you could file a bug/wishlist item on kdesvn-build on the KDE Bugzilla at ? I know it may be a bit of hassle but it makes it much easier for me to track outstanding bugs and feature requests, especially since I don't often check the comments on this page. - Jul 12 2005
Do you have more than one version of gcc installed? If so, ld may be trying to link in two different (and conflicting) C++ libraries. Or at least, that's the only thing I can think of. - Jul 08 2005
It's (finally) fixed in /trunk (kdesdk/scripts/kdesvn-build). - Jun 08 2005
To be honest I'm surprised it worked at all (although I don't mind trying to get it to work). Let me just point out that Stephan Binner's Konstruct tool is the best way to install *releases* of KDE. This is because with a KDE release you have source tarballs to work off of. HTTP and FTP are both much faster protocols than Subversion, so this is quicker for yourself, and less CPU intensive for the KDE mirror. However if you're compiling branch or trunk then kdesvn-build is your best choice so you can stay current with the latest happening in the source repo. ;-) - Jun 07 2005
To make it install in /usr, you'd do something like

kdedir /usr
make-install-prefix sudo
end global

But you don't want to install directly in /usr, you want to install in something like /usr/local/kde, or /usr/kde, or /opt/kde, but don't dump everything in /usr. ;)

The make-install-prefix thing is to run "sudo make" instead of just "make" in order to get root permissions during the install procedure. This means that sudo should work without requiring a password if you want to go this route. - May 30 2005
I can write an ebuild that will install kdesvn-build, but you'd still have to use kdesvn-build after that to build KDE. Hopefully it'll work without you having to edit a configuration file, but it's really better to just use the tarball, which includes documentation and a sample configuration file. - May 08 2005

Utilities 15 comments

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May 08 2006
I wish I knew. :(

It sounds like it's trying to compile in 64-bit mode and can't find the right 64-bit Qt libraries. But I don't have a 64-bit system myself so I wouldn't know exactly how to solve that issue. - May 08 2006
If you have 0.80.1 abakus might not configure for you if you don't have scons still. Yet another python function acts different between different versions. :( Long story short, if you catch this error change os.system("pwd") on line 61 of configure to os.popen("pwd").read().strip() I will make a 0.80.2 release as soon as I can I promise, but I'm about to leave. ;) - Jun 12 2005
Sorry, abakus apparently requires KDE 3.3, not 3.1. :-(

I will investigate solutions to allow abakus to compile with 3.1 and 3.2 but until then, an easy fix would be to change the setupGUI(...); call in mainwindow.cpp to be createGUI();

You will lose a little bit of functionality, but the program should still work. - Oct 16 2004
> auto-define r[n] as variable for the last result.

This is done, using $n variables. $0 is always the most recent result.

> dcop-interface to submit an expression/get the result.


> save history to file (txt)

I knew I forgot something. =D - Oct 15 2004
> auto-define r[n] as variable for the last result.

I like this idea, I'll have to see how hard it is to do.

> dcop-interface to submit an expression/get the result.

I think the whole point of abakus is to be compact enough to do that itself, but DCOP support is such a trivial thing to add that I can't see a reason not to.

> self-defined functions:
f(x)=x^2 + 2*x - 6 => (done)
f(4) => 18

I want to add this but I'll have to rearrange the parser. This is one of the areas where Ariya's SpeedCrunch *really* has abakus beat, since it's easier to form a parse tree with his parser.

> save history to file (txt)

Good idea.

> save defined function to file:

Also a good idea.

> set a list of function-sets which should be loaded automaticly on startup.

Well I figure if you define the function it will always be loaded automatically after that. - Oct 07 2004
KDE Asciiquarium

Screensavers 25 comments

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Sep 16 2005
Odd. It went through make successfully and then didn't install?

Try doing (from the same directory)

"./scons install" to run the local scons manually, that would hopefully work. - Mar 11 2006
Good catch on the message. Too lazy to fix it though, sorry. :)

And yes, I always hated downloading packages that just wouldn't compile which is why I've tried to make it easy to build and install. It's a lot easier when you have SCons/bksys to help instead of the autotools though. ;) - Sep 17 2005
.torrent file editor

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Jun 07 2005
Sorry about the long delay, I didn't notice any comments on this.

Anyways, kde-config wasn't found, which is odd because it's kinda basic for a kde development environment.

Do you have all the appropriate kde development packages installed (e.g. kdelibs-dev)? - Oct 20 2005
Windowslike - random crashes

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Dec 29 2004
To be real Windows-like, the program should also spawn annoying popups from the system tray (at least when emulating > Win ME).

You could get bonus points by popping up spyware sites randomly as well. ;) - Dec 28 2004

Developers Apps 11 comments

by MMax
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Feb 09 2005
Good job, I like the idea a lot, even though I haven't used the program yet. :-) - Oct 06 2004

Developers Apps 35 comments

by slesa
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Sep 14 2004
Actually, there already exist several KDE CVS build scripts that don't depend on Qt/KDE to run, including kde-build in the kdesdk module, and my own script which I won't plug here. ;-)

The nice thing about this program is that it is GUI driven, making it even easier for people to install a CVS version of KDE. Beyond that I'm not sure, as I've never used it myself. - Sep 14 2004
I made a simple packaging script for kdecvs-build that I use when I make releases, but it's rather tied to the CVS repository. - Sep 10 2004
Konstruct is used for building KDE from source releases, not CVS. This application builds KDE from CVS. - Sep 10 2004
What he means is that when you do:
$ tar xzvf archive-version.tar.gz

the files are extracted in the *current* directory instead of being extracted into the directory archive-version.

When you package your program, you should create a temporary directory, copy the files that will be in the package into this temporary directory, and then tar up the directory, not the files.


$ mkdir qbuildkde-0.6
$ cp source.* qbuildkde-0.6
$ tar czf qbuildkde-0.6.tar.gz qbuildkde-0.6
$ rm -r qbuildkde-0.6

Your archive is now contained within qbuildkde-0.6.tar.gz, and will not spill files all over a user's home directory when he extracts it. ;-) - Sep 10 2004
DVD Audio Extractor

Utilities 6 comments

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Mar 24 2004
Never mind, that was my fault. :-)

I guess that's how you select a range of tracks in mplayer? I was wondering why it was taking so long to encode the track... turns out I almost encoded the whole damn DVD. :-)

Guess it's time to upgrade mplayer. - Mar 29 2004
I had a problem running the script because of the dvd://$i-$i option to mplayer.

My version of mplayer only seems to want the dvd://$i option. I changed that and it seems to work fine so far. - Mar 29 2004
Knifty (KDE >= 3.2)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 78 comments

by ceebx
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Jul 21 2004
Yeah, I felt the same way as you, that's why I eventually started on trying to get the port mostly finished. I figured that if I could at least get it to compile and run, then Sandro would have no choice but to clean it up and release it. :) - Nov 10 2003
Could you please post the output of the make command? At least the last few lines, starting with the first error. Perhaps the --prefix is wrong, but I'm not familiar with SuSE 9.0. - Nov 09 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 100 comments

by ceebx
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Aug 24 2003
It may sound stupid, but have you checked out and installed kdebase also? You need kdelibs and kdebase installed to use compile KWin themes. Also be aware that KDE CVS KWin is mostly incompatible with KWin, so a lot of window decorations won't compile anyways. KNifty itself has been ported to 3.2, so try 0.4.0 if you're using KDE CVS. - Nov 09 2003