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Vincent Petry Stuttgart, Germany
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Jul 23 2014
I had the same issue on openSUSE 13.1 until I read the doc that says you need to restart/reboot. After rebooting it worked.

You might want to try testing redshift first, try this command:

redshift -O 2000

If this doesn't change anything then the problem might be redshift itself, or KDE.

Not sure how the color change is achieved, maybe it requires the desktop effects to be enabled ? (openGL)

I'm using these versions:
plasmoid-redshift-0.6.2-1.6.x86_64 - Jun 24 2014
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Mar 08 2011
I agree with this. Clicking on the applet should refresh all servers and clicking on a single server's should refresh only that one.
- Dec 07 2011
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Dec 03 2010
Thanks a lot for your comment.
I'm glad to hear that my plasmoid is useful :-)

The reason I wrote it is also because I didn't like to have to be online to generate QR codes. - May 16 2011
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
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Nov 28 2010
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