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Eric kalki
Win2-7 Pack

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Aug 23 2017
THe skin for audacious should be in "~/.local/share/audacious/Skins"

( great job : your pack is the best ) - Jul 06 2010
I could help a little if you want.

I think you got all the thing you need.

Most ressources are under gpl or agpl.

Have a nice day.

Sure : having ubuntu + windows, + mac ... this is fun :) - Jul 06 2010
I tryed Mac4lin pack with its installer but does not work.

Yet, they only have awn theme, i prefer cairo-docK.

Nautilus elementary should be installed.

And gloobus preview should be installed too.

ANd you get a 110% mac os theme.

Little tweaks should be considered after, shortcuts, ...

- Jul 05 2010
or this tutorial : - Jul 05 2010
( this is not a spam )

I suggest this one for gtk :

And the panel :
gnome-panel setting

Plus the font (lucida grande, lucida MAC )

And mac 4 lin for the login theme, and mac 4 lin for emerald :

And the sound :

Big packs :

Other software that should be proposed and installed :

Global menu :

And compiz : expose (right corner), show the application (left corner) ( ).

Coverflow (alt tab) :

Cairo Dock with Mac os theme.

Take a look at this tutorial : - Jul 05 2010
Thanks you for your great works.

Could you add these firefox extensions/themes :

For audacious :

And For vlc.

I wish you could work on a Mac-os x Pack, could you please ?

There are allready some packs on gnome look, but none are easy to install.

Thank you, have a nice life. - Jul 04 2010

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by Puli
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Apr 29 2017
it is a choice.

- Dec 09 2009
I compressed the audio file in ogg, and I updated the script to make it compatible with ubuntu 9.04

Sheers - May 02 2009

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Dec 04 2009
Thank you for your works : sublime !!!

I added your theme in the french ubuntu wiki.

Hope you will propose a good pack with icones ( and the configuration for avant window navigator ) or a just small tutorial. :)

Got a suggestion : here is skin for xmms/audacious (winamp ) in the same design :

and this soundpack : - Dec 09 2009

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by naaamo2004

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Dec 09 2009