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Various Plasma 5 Improvements 51 comments

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Mar 26 2017
Thank u ! :) In a couple of days there will be also a GUI for the transparentpanel script... - Aug 20 2016
Actually I was thinking about this and I started working on a python script

You can specify from the installed themes which panel you want transparent and the script creates a new theme identical to the original but with transparent the specific panel.

The script will disable also all the shadows for the panels but the user will be able to choose which of them he still wants to shown for other panels. For example if the transparent panel is at the bottom then a full width top panel could keep its shadow...

I will play with it a few days and then I will publish it either as a plain python script which can be used from the command line or either as a PyQt application ( :-) a small app which is going to make the user's life a lot easier for this... ) - Aug 18 2016
Thank u @ishovkun....
According to the plasma developers the transparency you are expecting will be probably available for every theme at Plasma 5.9.

Until then the only way to achieve trasparency for your panel is from your theme...
There are two ways:
1. The theme offers full transparent panel for all your panels for example the MX Theme.

2. The other way (and more diffucult) is the theme you are using to offer full transparency for a specific panel based on its position. For example to have set the left panel full transparent and all the rest untouched...

In my case I changed the Breeze-Dark theme in order to offer full transparency for the left panel...

michail - Aug 18 2016
As it says in the description it needs at least Plasma 5.7... - Aug 16 2016
It is something I was missing a lot from Plasma !! so yes, I am enjoying it a lot !!! :) - Aug 14 2016
I hardcode the orientation sometimes in order to debug and test what is going in different orientations... It must be fixed now... - Aug 14 2016
:-) , the power of open source...

I tried to understand how the current icon task manager handles the dragging situation... and after a while, dragging is also possible now :-), this is in the dragging branch in github... I wil test it for a few days and the publish it...

have fun... - Aug 13 2016
unfortunately, not yet, but I hope to implement it in the future...
This is the initial version and I wanted to create first a good foundation to work on with...

I hope you find it interesting even though dragging to rearrange is not yet implemented... - Aug 13 2016

thank you for your interest...

1) can you please explain me ? have you put it in an empty panel and you want it to be "Always On Top" ?

2) can you please explain? What settings arent always perfect? what resizing and rotating?

3) this is a nice idea... The colors used are from the current plasma theme. I might try to find 3 different colors in plasma themes which can represent these 3 states. But for the active window I believe the color is correct, it corresponds exactly what the current theme uses for focusing in an element....

michail - Aug 13 2016

Security 1 comment

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May 27 2015
Fantastic!!!! - Jul 10 2016
WorkFlow Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 73 comments

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Mar 24 2013
I am so sorry but even though I was hoping for a Plasma 5 port during this year, I didnt find the time and the interest to make this possible.,, The project is free if anyone wishes to move it forward...

Thank u a lot for your interest... - May 19 2016
Andrew unfortunately the WorkFlow Plasmoid hasnt been ported yet to Plasma 5 world! The plasmoid was created with focus in the Plasma 4.x environment!

I am not negative in making the port, I just wanted some things to mature first and the forthcoming Plasma 5.4 release, it's going to be a good base to start of! But dont expect it very soon because the scratchbook of the development must be updated with new designs based on the current state of Plasma (to fill the gaps that many users may miss in their workflow and create new challenges).

The WorkFlow plasmoid is a huge database because it was accompanied with many libraries that were missing from Plasma 4.x. As it appears many of them are provided by default in Plasma 5.x and that's fantastic news. So we'll see...

I hope that during the next year a Plasma 5.x port could be possible if many users are still interested in it and they would like to give some feedback in design ideas and functions that are missed or needed from them...

thank you very much for you interest... - Aug 03 2015
John I think the problem is with the kde version,
the workflow plasmoid 0.4 supports only kde>=4.9 the component that is missing was first introduced probably in kde 4.9 - Aug 15 2013
John I think the problem is with the kde version,
the workflow plasmoid 0.4 supports only kde>=4.9 the component that is missing was first introduced probably in kde 4.9 - Aug 15 2013
John I think the problem is with the kde version,
the workflow plasmoid 0.4 supports only kde>=4.9 the component that is missing was first introduced probably in kde 4.9 - Aug 15 2013
Hello john,

what kde version do u use? - Aug 14 2013
In firefox I get:


dont you get one? - Apr 06 2013
Dear Matija,

I was going to add your link for the file but a security warning from the browser is appearing for the certificate, if this can be solved no problem to add the link for the file both here and in the downloads page in the WorkFlow Project official page.

Michail - Apr 04 2013
Thank you a lot for everything...

- [Although it’s slightly less flexible then my previous manual solution (WorkFlow does not understand a window which is in several, but not all activities),]

I dont want to force a specific use of windows with Activities. This hasnt been supported yet from an implementation point of view. Please open an ticket in the issue tracker.
The problem is that I havent found a way yet in QML to catch array's changes. The window's activities is a list of strings.

-[Now I’m running it with the KWin script bound to Meta+A and I am as happy as a puppy :)]
I work also with the KWin script :)

[Well, for all Gentoo users, I’ve created an ebuild for the plasmoid+dataengine package]
fantastico... :) - Apr 02 2013
thank u a lot... - Apr 02 2013
Thanks a lot for the ideas but I would like some more information.... BTW for new ideas you can use of course the Issue Tracker for the project.

- [no need of a right panel to paused ones.]
You can hide it if you want to by clicking on the three dots

- [Add remove buttons and naming always visible.]
I believe that this creates too much clutter without need

- [When scrolling the activity name should stay fixed and the workspaces only should rol]
How the user then could understand the Workareas in which activity do they belong?

- [Confirmation pop ups are annoying]
which ones? most of them are because the action is too important, e.g. deleting an activity can not be undone. In the past some users wanted confirmation dialogs also for removing Workareas but because the undone in very easy I didnt add them

- Apr 02 2013
Please open an issue in the project's issue tracker in order to track that done (OS version, kde version, panel configuration, plasmoid setting etc.)...

Thank you a lot for you kind and warm words, gives us a lot of strength for the future...


Call for everyone:
The project is totally open and everyone that wants, there are many areas that can help... (coding, wiki, documentation, translation, videos, promotion (e.g. just uploading some videos showing its workflow in youtube, vimeo etc.) :)

If we want to keep all this effort alive in time more hands are needed in the above. In the future from this project we want to present more fantastic things like:
- Per Activity Resource Support (new feature of Documents linked in an activity)
- a kwin effect (like the plasmoid)
- a pager that uses workareas dataengine
- present our effort to KDE core development team and help KDE development in general. This way it would be possible to integrate in the core libs as many features are accepted which will make consistency happen with all the different elements in KDE e.g.add activity ordering in kactivities...

- Feb 24 2013
Version 0.3.0 is almost ready and in a few days is going to be yours....
I believe that many will laugh a lot with this release because there are many new features (some of them are anticipated for very long time)

New features can be seen in the ChangeLog in project's github page:
if you could test the new version (important:remove completely any previous version)
please send me any bugs you find. We are only a few days behind the official release, let's make this release a celebration one.

If you can wait but you can help in translation please help internationalize more the plasmoid through the easy to use transifex page:

See you in a few days with announcements, videos and a new version to talk about...

- Feb 16 2013
The ubuntu packages are built from Mike Vaughn, you can find the plasmoid in his repo with the name:

based on the dependencies which were used above:

I hope that's ok.... - Jan 15 2013
Version 0.2.2 is almost ready, the current master branch is going to be used
For anyone interested in helping somehow:

1. Translate the plasmoid in your language:

2. Test master branch in order to find any broken behavior:

New Feautues:
--window previews when the plasmoid is in the panel
--use the current activity's icon in the panel (you can enable it from the configuration dialog)
--Tooltip for the plasmoid when used in the panel
--new zoom slider
--delete activity button moved to the stopped activities
of course, many bug fixes from 0.2.1 ... - Jan 03 2013
Hello I dont know your distro but in most distros you need to install the following packages before trying to compile & install:

kdebase4-workspace-devel >= 4.8
libkdecore4-devel >= 4.8
libkactivities-devel >= 4.8
libkde4-devel >= 4.8

these are the header files which are needed from the plasmoid (taskmanager.h can be found in the first one)

michail - Nov 25 2012
So strange, when I find time I will try Arch Linux in a VM and see what's going on.
I am using the plasmoid in OpenSuse 12.2 and it has been tested both in Kde 4.8 and 4.9 without the problems you are reporting. I think that in Debian also these problems do not exist... We'll see :) but patience will be needed. Sorry but these days I am full of work....
- Nov 13 2012
"No live previews" is very important,
can you give me some information about your system? What distro (?), kde version (?) do you use? are the 3d effects enabled in your system? - Nov 08 2012
Thank you a lot for the kind words...

1) About the Apply button I have also the same issue, I can not track it down yet. But I think with the Ok button all the changes should take effect.

2) I believe that you use the plasmoid in the panel possibly. If you want live previews you should add the plasmoid in the Dashboard (if you dont know how I can give some hints, my use case is that I add Workflow plasmoid in the Dashboard and in order to show Dashboard I use the "Show Dashboard" plasmoid in the panel). Live previews can not be used in that version in the panel(I need a very experienced kde developer to help me in that one)

3) For the german translation I have just seen that it has been completed and the spanish one also. For translation I use the very easy transifex site( I believe in next weeks I will upload a new version which will contain these two new translations.

I hope I have answered most of your questions,

Michail - Nov 04 2012
Thanks a lot for the feedback once more.

I have just updated the tickets in the github relevant page.

for 1. I think this a good enhancement and in future releases I believe I will support it (BTW: anyone interested in creating a new icon for the plasmoid I am open in proposals)

for 2. this is a known bug when the plasmoid is placed in the panel (in the Dashboard there is no problem). I am trying to track it down but I havent found a way to solve it yet. Plasmoid's size should be remembered by KDE that means that I must probably improve my implementation somehow.

Michail - Sep 13 2012
In current development version I think this is fixed. All new Workareas follow the default settings from KDE. This applies also for workareas that add virtual desktops. - Sep 06 2012
Hello again,

[BTW The third icon on top inactive.]
This is actually the windows previews functionality and does not work in the panel. You can check it out if you add the plasmoid in the Dashboard
(I suggest watching the vimeo videos to see many more functionalities that you may missed).

[about the dragging bug]
I think I tracked it down yesterday and you were correct. In order to reproduce someone must try to drag a Window very fast. I believe that there will be a good solution for that one before version 0.2 release.

[Right now, you can do all the same functionality with a text......]
I think that you have a nice idea over there but I would like to see a good mockup from someone in order to take big UI designs. In the project's github page there are discussions for very big UI decisions for example: how could be supported multiple screens? :) (for vast using activities in systems with more than one screen which I believe it could be a killing feature...)

[I mean when making a new activity or several, getting icons to the desktops with minimum fuss.]
You probably mean changing the activity wallpaper in easier way than the traditional one. I am trying to find a way to call the Wallpaper Dialog from inside the plasmoid actually. Something like the "Add Widgets" feature which calls the Widgets Explorer.

[This widget shows very much promise. Once Aaron S and friends ...]
Thanks a lot for that one... At its current state I wouldnt even dear to ask putting it in the Playground. The code is an enormous spaghetti with so many hacks that I cant even count them. Actually all this happened because there arent official published libraries for many of the functionalities supported. Some hacking examples are cloning activity,showing widgets explorer, loading wallpaper etc...
What I am thinking to do is to clean up and comment the current code in version 0.3. After that step I believe there will be a good code base to ask adding the plasmoid in the PlayGround...

- Sep 04 2012
Hello, about adding a new WorkArea which is in a position greater than the Virtual Desktops number.

-About the name for the new WorkArea, I know that this is a bug and I am trying to find a solution. Problem is that when a new Virtual Desktop is added its name is not updated immediate but there is a delay. A solution would be to track a signal and the setting the new WorkArea name. About focusing in the new Workarea name to set its name, this is actually a very good idea and I am thinking implementing it before the 0.2 release.

-Hide/Delete WorkArea. In my UI Designs I didnt have in my mind about that need and more specific hiding a workarea instead of deleting it. I must think it.

For both of your ideas you can open a ticket in the project's github page which gonna help us have a more creative discussion.

Michail - Sep 04 2012
[ BUG: Dragging the textual window info can make that change to an icon (probably non-implemented feature) and the widget is paralyzed ]

dragging is supported for windows everywhere you see them... You must send me a full report in order to check out whats the problem... you can use the project's github page in order to open a ticket... - Sep 03 2012
I am glad you installed it...

[The other activity scrolling widget allows me to change the activity name. Yours does not.]
It does, unlock the activities, double click the activity name.

[Problem displaying longer, line-broken names on top.]
Line broken names I dont know if exist actually in KDE.

[Additions might be what is up on current windows or just icons or just programs--depends on functionality built into these thumbnails and their subareas!]
what do you mean by icons or programs? (what is the difference for you ? it would be better to describe anything you want by using the term Windows. what are the subareas?)

[I assume other functions (such as the window properties described) will be added]
I dont know what you mean actually...

[Lacking right now anywhere is how to propagate icons over multiple activities]
you mean using a window in multiple activities and not everywhere?
- Sep 03 2012
Ok, I tested it in a VM for Debian Unstable (sid).
It's ok actually it compiles and runs properly.
Some tips if you have the same results after you are sure you have all the needed dependencies.

1)In folder build change permissions for
with command:
chown 755

2)Instead of sudo sh in order to compile and install it try in the build directory:
su -c './'

3)You should be able to find the plasmoid in the Windows And Tasks Category(it is the last one, in the end) in the Widgets Explorer
from searching it with workflow as a criteria in the Widgets Explorer... - Sep 03 2012
I was tested in Debian Testing but before testing in a VM for debian sid one question.
Had you installed all the deps needed before the install script?
one easy way is to execute:

apt-get build-dep plasma-widget-icon-tasks

and after that try installing using my install script.
(icon-tasks has almost the same dependencies)... - Sep 03 2012
The plasmoid's category is Windows and Tasks, but you should be able to search for it also by just typing workflow in the search field in widgets list.
Also try to make a relogin in order to be sure that it has not been installed.

If after all these it has not been installed, send me some information.

-How did you try to install it(all the steps you did)?
-In which operating system?
-In what KDE version?

Michail - Sep 02 2012
thanks a lot, I use your link also in the project's official Download page... - Sep 01 2012
Thank you very much.
I also believe that there is room for a lot of improvement. If you have any good ideas or you want to report bugs you can use the project's github page (an easy way to access it, is from the About Dialog in the plasmoid, there is a relevant button in it).

With many regards,
Michail - Sep 01 2012
Thanks a lot,
today or tomorrow I will also upload the second beta with good fixes 0.1.99

Michail - Sep 01 2012
Hi einar, thanks for the feedback...

concerning the small fonts in the help tour, it is not from kde the problem is from my implementation in which the size of the font is calculated from plasmoid's size (I dont know in futute release maybe I will take it outside in a fullscreen dialog,
probably it would be much better)-for current version only changing the plasmoid's size can increase that appearance. The plasmoid needs around 70-80% of the screen for this.

--About dragging the inside content from the plasmoid. I believe this is an issue concerning the fact that the plasmoid can be added in a panel (if you lock the widgets this behavior should not exist - but of course I must find out if I can do something about it)

If you want you can open these two tickets in the github page of the project...

michail - Aug 28 2012
reves121 thanks a lot for the feedback,

> Icons on top don't look very well integrated,
-------I know I am thinking how the could be but without creating clutter....

> Zoom controls look like "out of place", look at Dolphin zoom controls instead:
-------The zoom slider is the PlasmaComponents one, the two zoom icons could be abandoned but I prefer changing them in a future release (I want the possibility the user to increase, decrease the zooming in small steps if wants)

> I think bottom of the plasmoid should match Plasma theme (along with transparencies) automatically
-------I think you mean the Everywhere windows, if that's the case I think that this is a very good idea.. I will test it to see result...

> Icons should match icon theme automatically
-------You mean discovering the icon theme automatic and not from the configuration dialog? I must research the libraries to see if that's possible....

Thanks a lot once more...
- Aug 25 2012
Koali-Fran, thanks a lot, it gives me strength to continue the effort.
About activating it in full screen with a button in a Panel (this is about creating also a KWin effect discussion).
BUT, with the current implementation you can do the following.
1. Enable Dashboard with separate widgets from desktop
2. Add in your panel the "Show Dashboard" plasmoid
3. Add in the "Dashboard" the Workflow plasmoid and set it as large you want even fullscreen.

Michail - Aug 25 2012
I hope you got it... - Aug 24 2012
thanks a lot enoop... - Aug 24 2012
Red Chenille-(New QML Version KDe>=4.8)

KDE 4 Splashscreens 22 comments

Score 85.4%
Jun 02 2012

all the animations were created with the Synfig 2-D animation project. I used a handwriting technique I had found in youtube... There is a link in the description-details of the theme in this page... I hadnt thought to port it in Plasma 5.x... For the time being there is no time yet in order to port it...

- Apr 15 2016
Dear Frolov,
thanks a lot for the notice, I have just updated the installation information as from 4.8.3 the problem is fixed in KDE....
There is also a new version 1.4.1 that adds a nice shadow animation for the bookmark... - Jun 02 2012
WorkFlow KWin Script

Kwin Scripts 4 comments

Score 70.0%
Mar 24 2013
Thank u for this... I have updated the download links... - Aug 05 2015
Activity Manager Plasmoid Wheeled

Plasma 4 Extensions 16 comments

Score 79.0%
Jun 22 2012

thank you for the great plasmoid. One question, I am using a lot of your code in a new plasmoid but I I have an issue that exists also in your plasmoid. I just want to check up in order to see if it is a data engine bug (org.kde.activities).
When you remove an activity it is not removed in reality, it still exists by watching the plasma's ActivityManager. By loging out, the activity then disappears and everything is ok.

Is that a data engine bug?

- Jun 11 2012
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Mar 25 2018

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