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Pascal de Kloe

System Software by trisz 26 comments

It looks nice. Why did you decide to write your own application instead of extending Ark? - Jan 29 2007

Various KDE Stuff by mdl 1 comment

There are many projects that try to accomplish this functionality. Maybe you could work with them.
For instance, the Kontact Summary could use your GUI art skills. - Jan 29 2007

System Software by domseichter 83 comments

This is a interresting application.
I have some requests though.

Wizard style GUI 1/3:
Remove the "Preview" and "Display name" checkboxes and use the values of Konqueror.

Wizard style GUI 3/3:
The "Find and Replace..." and the "Finish" button could be merged as a single "Rename" button.

Could you try to reuse existing standards with the build-in functions and the file type info? Please have a look at the manual of regex(7) and sed(1). - Dec 04 2006

System Software by neundorf 17 comments

I also have such a USB to RS232 adapters and /dev/ttyUSB0 works fine for me. Are you sure *all* settings are the same?

Excellent application Neundorf. I'll be using this app on a daily basis. Thank you! - Nov 24 2006
kmail: display current sender time

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by dmiceman 11 comments

Another good idea of dmiceman. I realy like your work.

Maybe you should contact the KDE developers team to get things like kfuseiso into the default distribution? - Oct 24 2006
K-Umts 1.1

Various KDE Stuff by Divilinux 6 comments

This program could be extremely usefull if it would hide more technical details to the user.
For example, the number to dail is country dependent (correct me if I'm wrong). You could pre-set those values based on a country selection.

Nokia has those settings:

Thanks for the program anyway. :) - Oct 15 2006

Utilities by dmiceman 26 comments

Excellent application. Many users don't know how to acces the content of a CD image.
I _really_ hope that this gets merged into KDE. - Oct 01 2006

Screen Recorders by beligum 90 comments

Nice application!

I have two small request though.

Once you save the video ScreenKast asks to save the project first. Is that necessary? Maybe you could create a temporary file?

Could you add the vncserver as a dependency to the Ubuntu packages? - Sep 16 2006