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Tyler Starke , United States of America

GTK2 Themes by profebral 5 comments

Thanks for the feed back. I also created a set of images for the Moblin desktop background and the Zone Chooser thumbnail.

If you are using Moblin and want to hack it you should join the Moblin group. I've been peeking at the source and of some of the main features and it looks pretty simplistic.

It's giving me the drive to start hitting the C++ books. I learn better by example, but the books are so boring. Writing stuff for my OS is gonna be tits.

Link to the Moblin group: - Sep 28 2009

GTK2 Themes by profebral 5 comments

I am looking at 0.2. Before I do that I want to grab some of the nice Wallpapers that are here and offer a bundle of Wallpapers modified to fit the 1024x600 screen. - Sep 28 2009

GTK2 Themes by mots 1 comment

I liked this theme a lot, but the blue was too bright. Also, I did not have Candido or Ubuntu look engines installed, so I am uploading a modded version withc uses the clearlooks engine and remarks the ubuntulook engine. I also darkened the gray, and the unselected menu items are too white.

You can download it here: - Jul 29 2009

System Sounds by Lucy8i8 36 comments

Very much like Paul Spaeth! I love Paul Spaeth, and I think you will too. Prelude to a Dream!! - Mar 05 2009
Gnome Ring!

Wallpapers Gnome by mayurarora 1 comment

I modified mine for my DELL Mini keeping it at the same resolution as the one I downloaded here. Open the file in GIMP and select 1440x844 then crop to selection.

It scales really well without stretching. Math heads can take the width times 0.5859 and get a good estimate of what the height. - Feb 27 2009
Vista for humans

Beryl/Emerald Themes by xavlours 15 comments

Not a fan of Vista. The look was nice. Can you add the glass Aero effect? I am just wondering. Maybe that would require Compiz. - Feb 26 2009