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Yash Singh Bangalore, India
+ - Feb 24 2019
Hi! I am sorry for my earlier expression. I somehow managed to edit firefox configs to stop firefox from using GTK theming on HTML input fields. About the rest, yeah that weird "in-focus icon/folder" bug is still there, but apart from that, it's really great! Thanks for the theme :) - Feb 24 2019
You can choose to run a vanilla gnome session in arch (select it on the display manager) and then customize it accordingly.
Using arch here with Gnome on Wayland! - Feb 12 2019
I downloaded this theme hoping it would be great, and it really has some serious issues. I am running the FlatRemix-darkest and it hides folder icons when accessing properties, and also messes with text fields in browsers (in firefox, chrome) where it doesn't displays texts in white text fields or the black ones on several occassions
- Feb 12 2019
9   Feb 24 2019