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Flat Remix ICON theme

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Score 85.7%
May 14 2020
I love the icon theme, very good job. I do have to mention a bug on ubuntu 17.10 , the terminal min-max-close buttons seem to be hidden behind an upper chunk of the icon image. The buttons still work, so it's not a big problem, and it's the only application that exhibits this behaviour, just wanted to let you now. Screenshot: - Jan 18 2018
Flat Remix GNOME/Ubuntu/GDM theme

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May 02 2020
Nice theme, would like it a lot better if the bottom dock didn't turn gray when you fullscreen a window though. It's common in gnome but imo takes a lot from it looking stylish. - Jan 17 2018
Flat Remix ICON theme

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by daniruiz06

Score 85.7%
9   Jan 29 2018