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M M , Italy
monte civetta

Wallpaper Other by slacagno 1 comment

hello pier.
where is monte civetta exactly? - Jul 25 2007

Wallpapers Debian by damknom 7 comments

great wallpaper! thxs - Oct 28 2006
Washing hands

Wallpaper Other by tichy 5 comments

views more details than could be seen by human eyes - Oct 03 2006

Wallpaper Other by tichy 2 comments

hi tichy. you did some great shots. i like nature- pics too (downloaded almost all of your content).
i would like to give you a tipp. It is good to make the objects on a pic sharper than the backround, but i think, you did this too extremely! On some pics parts OF THE OBJECTS are not clearly visible.
I think you'll use manual zoom and focusing. This is the way I use to control focusing: by holding the cam near to the object and zooming in less (like u do), you'll obtain just a little part focused, and, staying more distant- zooming in more a bigger part will get focused well.
SO: stay (just a little little bit) more distant making your next shot!
this is my opinion, everyone likes different pics. - Oct 03 2006
Training Ship Denmark Wallpapers

Wallpaper Other by meep 11 comments

hello meep, superb pic, but the external links don't work. we would really like the different shots. you could upload them all, seperately to gnomelookorg, as different contents, withou using external links

(have you been shaked too much there?) - Sep 24 2006
sonnenanbeterin- green

Wallpaper Other by prettypics 5 comments

in my town this is really known by this name. h-milch is more careful with animals like this, and, he's right!respect them, could bite you (...) - Sep 24 2006
Ubuntu Aruba 2

Wallpapers Ubuntu by estitt 3 comments

i really like that, looks fine, gives feel of happyness and liberty! - Sep 24 2006