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Aug 23 2007
I think that would be a great idea. I have sent you e-mail from my home account. :-)

The 0.4.0 version has fixed several of my complaints. I will do a bit more testing and get back to you with the rest of them soon.

Oh . . . I've updated the ebuild for 0.4.0. The link above will take you to it. - Apr 27 2006
I like where this app is headed, and encourage you to keep working on it. I think it will be a boon to KDE. To assist in its uptake/testing, I have written a Gentoo Ebuild for it, available at

I have a couple of glitches/wishes, but I'll add those in a separate message. - Apr 19 2006

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Jan 17 2013
Thanks for fixing the UPnP plugin. The difference between rc1 and rc2 is the difference between being unusable and usable.

I can finally put Azureus aside, and use KTorrent. Keep up the good work! - Jan 27 2006
Ebuild for Some KDE Screensavers

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Dec 22 2005
I have obvioulsy failed to put the right kde dependencies in the ebuild. I will try to get it fixed soon and release an update. - Dec 24 2005
What version of OpenAL do you guys have installed? When I tested the e-build I didn't have it on my system yet, so it pulled down the latest version. - Dec 24 2005
Did the ebuild install openal for you? - Dec 22 2005
Wireless Assistant

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Apr 03 2007
Yay! - Aug 07 2005
My wireless adapter is configured as eth1 on my laptop. Running wlassistant causes it to exit with a "no adapters found" (or whatever) message.

The adapter is in, and has already pulled down an IP address via DHCP from the campus network.

Any suggestions? - Aug 03 2005
Gentoo Ebuild for *RAD.E8 Icons

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Jun 29 2005
I honestly couldn't tell you. I just re-used some of mitre's screenshots for this. - May 02 2005
The ebuild was generating index.theme files, but apparently not to KDE's satisfaction. I switched back to "index.desktop" files, and KDE seems to like those.


I'll try to figure out what it takes to get an index.theme file formatted so KDE likes it, but at least the ebuild seems to be working in the meantime.

My apologies for such a boneheaded error. - May 02 2005
I've updated the "License" section of the ebuilds. They now say, "Multiple licenses. Please see the Homepage for more information" - May 01 2005
Ink Level Monitor

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Mar 18 2005
This beats the hell out of the crappy old ink monitor theme I kludged together for Karamba 0.17, back in the day! I just went digging for it in the archives and it's still there, but I released it before there was even a "Karamba" section on kde-look. It sucked. *heh*

Yours is much, much better. I think I'll get it set up when I get home, and keep tabs on the ol' C62.

Great job! - Mar 18 2005
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba 1797 comments

by Matti
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Jun 01 2008

I wish I still lived in California! Indiana is so seismically boring. :-P - Mar 18 2005

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Feb 21 2016
I just downloaded 0.7.2, and it looks awesome. I especially like the MP3 auto-import function.

One question though: will it build without aRts? I passed the --without-arts flat to "./configure," but it crapped out, complaining about . . . not being able to find aRts!

I built and installed it _with_ aRts on my laptop, but I'm trying to wean the desktop system off of its aRts dependency, and was wondering if that was an option. - Feb 14 2005
comix style Gentoo ebuild

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Sep 18 2004
Check the comments under Comix. ;-) - Sep 18 2004

Various KDE Stuff 17 comments

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Nov 19 2004
With SK 0.34 installed, my CPU cycles are lower than they've ever been since I started running all this eyecandy crap. ;-) It seems to be working fine on KDE 3.2.3. - Jul 14 2004
AnalogMachine Collection: NetVU

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Apr 19 2005
Way to live up to a challenge, man.

The SFX idea mentioned above would be cool. Not necessary, but cool.

Even without those, this is an amazing Karamba theme. Kudos to you! - May 18 2004

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May 25 2010
It's correct. - May 14 2004
I downloaded the CVS version, and it once again compiled and ran just fine. But when I try to connect:

Trying to connect to "(vpn concentrator name)" with user "(my user)" and IPSec ID "(my ID)"
Process started.
/usr/bin/vpnc: authentication unsuccessful

I can replicate this error running vpnc-connect manually by typing in the wrong password. I'm sure that I've entered my password correctly in kvpnc.

Hope this helps! - May 13 2004
It doesn't work for me. It compiles and runs just fine, but when I try to connect to the VPN at work, I get "authentication error" in the debug window.

Running vpnc-connect by hand works just fine.

Weird. - May 13 2004
AnalogMachine Collection: DiscVU

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Apr 19 2005
Now you need to redirect your ripping-off skills, and make some Networking VU meters. =)

Excellent job! - May 12 2004
The Way that KDM should look

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 112 comments

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Mar 21 2004
I like this design, and I like this idea. But one thing, please: The "Go!" button is, in my opinion, lame. Too big a step towards dumbing it waaaaaaay down. What is wrong with "Login?" Do we need to protect users from that scary computer term?

Sorry. Pet peeve. ;-)

Nice design, though. - Mar 21 2004
Advanced Permissions - konqueror

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 29 comments

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Mar 10 2004
This is a great idea, and one that really should be implemented. We got ACLs on Samba working at work, and imagine my dismay when the smb kio_slave wouldn't show the extened permissoins on shared folders!

I'm glad you brought this topic up. - Mar 10 2004

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Jan 13 2005
The above link (the second one) should still work, but here it is again, eh what? - Jan 26 2004
Will This forum let you edit your posts?

Anyway, I moved the ebuild:

This one in particular is in the "net-wireless" section.

--Ed - Jan 20 2004
I whipped together a Gentoo ebuild for this:

Just cd to your PORTDIR_OVERLAY, tar -zxvf it into there, and then "emerge kwireless"

It works fine for me running the KDE 3.2 CVS ebuilds. So far I've tested it on a Dell Latitude D800 using the ndiswrapper driver.

Sweet app! Thanks for making it!

--Ed - Jan 14 2004
Assorted Kicker Backgrounds

Kicker Panel 3 comments

by gg3po
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Nov 24 2003
I encourage you to keep this up. Those are very nice. - Nov 25 2003
Karamba Themes Gentoo E-build

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Apr 22 2003
Someone posted a screenshot of it on here. In the thread for that screenshot, they mention where they got it from. - Apr 19 2003
Someone posted a screenshot of it on here. In the thread for that screenshot, they mention where they got it from. - Apr 19 2003
My apologies for that stupid, stupid error. I've uploaded a new e-build that should fix the problem.

I don't have access to a Gentoo system here, so this isn't an -r1 ebuild like it should be.

Thanks for pointing it out, everyone. - Apr 15 2003
I've now included the scripts in the e-build.

I also added an /etc/env.d stub for karamba, to put /usr/share/apps/karamba/scripts in the $PATH. - Apr 09 2003
And thanks for calling me on the shortcut. Something had redefined my PORTDIR_OVERLAY in my make.conf file, so instead of troubleshooting it like I should have, I took the quick way out. ;-)

Should be better now. - Apr 09 2003
Karamba Ink Level Monitor

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Apr 16 2003
1) You configured the script

2) Just running the "" script by itself generates a set of numbers - Apr 16 2003
If you have SSH set up to log in to the remote machine without a password, just make the following change:

Instead of:
my @ink = `$prog -q -i -r $raw`;


my @ink = `ssh $HOST $prog -q -i -r $raw`;

Substituting the name of the remote computer for $HOST, of course. That should work. - Apr 12 2003