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Sep 15 2019
Hi Paul,
There are a few small changes that can make it even better. For example, in the default document viewer, in Ubuntu, the total page count number is barely visible since it is in black font and it is noticeable in few other applications too when the button is not active it is not visible because of contrast of black font in black background. - Jul 30 2018
+ - Jul 30 2018
There is an option to override by going to about: config and add new string by right click.
widget.content.gtk-theme-override = Adwaita: light or any other light theme and restart firefox.
Now it looks much better and all flashing is gone in Firefox. Here is the link which I followed. - Jul 22 2018
Hi Paul,

Your work and efforts for this theme McOS-MJV-Dark-Mode are really amazing. But there seems to be an important issue with this theme while using Firefox browser as all the fill-in fields like this one are blacked out so you cant see what are you are typing. In google search black color flashes while using this theme. The issues are only with firefox and not with chrome browser so it is quite irritating to keep changing from one browser to another for trivial tasks. Is there any way I can send you a screenshot highlighting this issue? - Jul 21 2018

GTK3 Themes
by paulxfce

Score 88.1%
9   Jul 30 2018