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Amithash Prasad Boulder, United States of America
KDE 4 Splashscreens
login-scan-print splash

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Jun 19 2013
I thought that I had lost the file, but I finally found an old backup and this time I could optimize it so it fit in the allocated download limit. - Jun 20 2013
Just found out that my university website ended. Will try to upload it elsewhere. - Aug 27 2012
Guess the bug still exists... Copy the directory to /usr/share/kde4/apps/ksplash/Themes/

If you install from Systemsettings, it gets copied to your .kde4 dir and that somehow does not work for me (Not just my theme). - Dec 03 2008
Fancy Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 570 comments

by Emdek
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Jun 10 2012

I could not wait :-), so I added capability to fancypanel to add widgets (Add as in copy code from the panel source and hack on it till it looked presentable).

You can get my changes from a git repo:
git:// - Mar 02 2010
Hi, I just wanted to comment on your panel implementation. It is really brilliant. I know that it is not ready for prime time yet, but discovering it made my day.

If I could add widgets to it, it will my year or decade! :-) - Feb 21 2010
The change works! Thanks, Will be looking forward for the next version. - Mar 30 2009

I am using a ubuntu jaunty package (0.6) from ppa with KDE 4.2.1.
Adding this widget to a centered panel with auto hide enabled, causes plasma to consume a lot of cpu.
When I do plasmoidviewer fancytasks, I get:

plasmoidviewer(6781) KServiceFactory::findServiceByDesktopPath: "findServiceByDesktopPath: not found"
Object::connect: Attempt to bind non-signal TaskManager::TaskGroup::editRequest()
Couldn't find node center. Skipping rendering.
Couldn't find node center. Skipping rendering.
Couldn't find node center. Skipping rendering.
Couldn't find node center. Skipping rendering.
- Mar 28 2009

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Jul 14 2012
Testing single click on kde 4.4. This is the print from starting daisy from plasmoidviewer:

plasmoidviewer(6900)/plasma main: setting FormFactor to "planar"
plasmoidviewer(6900)/plasma main: setting Location to "floating"
plasmoidviewer(6900)/plasma main: setting containment to "null"
plasmoidviewer(6900)/plasma main: setting auth policy
plasmoidviewer(6900)/plasma main: just load applet
plasmoidviewer(6900)/plasma FullView::addApplet: adding applet "plasma_applet_daisy" in "null"
plasmoidviewer(6900)/libplasma Plasma::CoronaPrivate::addContainment: loading of containment "null" failed.
plasmoidviewer(6900)/kdecore (KSycoca): Trying to open ksycoca from "/var/tmp/kdecache-aeprasad/ksycoca4"
plasmoidviewer(6900)/libplasma Plasma::AppletPrivate::init: Check your constructor! You probably want to be passing in a Service::Ptr or a QVariantList with a valid storageid as arg[0].
QPainter::begin: Paint device returned engine == 0, type: 2
QPainter::setCompositionMode: Painter not active
QPainter::end: Painter not active, aborted
<Single click on systemsettings>
<Double click on systemsettings>
systemsettings(6907)/kdecore (KSycoca): Trying to open ksycoca from "/var/tmp/kdecache-aeprasad/ksycoca4"
plasmoidviewer(6900)/plasma TaskManager::TaskItem::winIds: no winId: probably startup task
plasmoidviewer(6900)/plasma TaskManager::GroupManagerPrivate::removeStartup: invalid startup task
systemsettings(6907)/kdecore (KConfigSkeleton) KCoreConfigSkeleton::writeConfig: - Jan 31 2010
Is this your repo?:

If it is, a few of us can help out in testing it. - Dec 11 2009
Yes, you are right. I get the message that some signal is deprecated. I will get home and get you the exact signal's name. - Nov 23 2009
Humm interesting. Daisy was fine with KDE 4.3 and Qt 4.5.
I recently upgraded to Qt 4.6 with the SVN snapshots of KDE 4.4 from opensuse's build service. Suddenly, "double click" has replaced "single click".

Do you know what could be wrong? I can gather debug data for you (Just tell me what to do). - Nov 17 2009
And thankfully, daisy is back in the first page! :-) - Sep 23 2009
I am assuming that for the "popup" to happen, then daisy will have to behave exactly like the panel.
Or does it already?

I think with daisy we finally have a reason to have an "add panels" _menu_ (As apposed to a button) like it is for widgets.

Hummmm.... Interesting first KDE patch.... :-) - Sep 23 2009
Hi, is there a way for me to know when you update your daisy-current? - Sep 11 2009

It would be easier for you if you opened a googlecode account just for the bug reporting tool.

That way you can track bugs easier.

And if you have a public repo, you can easily say: Can you try rxxx, and dozens of minions (like me) will scatter to see if it fixes a issue...

I see this as a very good replacement for the panel. - Sep 03 2009

With daisy-current,
Task manager problem 1:
(Not at all critical)
When enough windows are opened such that the dock expands beyond the screen, launchers are hidden at the extremes.
-> Have a scroll option?

Task manager problem 2:
(Also not critical)
Multiple programs causes multiple entries in the the task manager side.
This makes it inconsistent as the launchers are grouped.

Both are very minor. I can live with them. - Sep 02 2009
Really nice! I think you can have a daisy-next or daisy-current uploaded here for the few of us who do not mind if things go really wrong! :-) Right now, I am in the process of learning how to code in Qt with the KDE API's. But till then, I can help in testing.

PS: Link is wrong... But I figured it out.

I really love the task manager thing. It was one of things missing. I will report if I find something odd.

Thanks - Sep 02 2009
Stop the teasing and release it already! :-)
It looks great! - Aug 24 2009
Daisy has entered the 4th page!
Time for an update and bring it back to the first! :-) - Aug 06 2009
I used daisy as a replacement of the panel (As a linear dock). The only reason is because all I need is:
1. kile (Latex editor)
2. Konsole
3. Firefox/Opera
4. Amarok.

And for anything else, there is always the "expose windows" effect which is more nicer than the task manager!

All I miss is the system tray, which I hate with a vengeance (Doesn't any one get pissed off when apps minimize to the system tray?), so it is ok.

But I am waiting for the task manager integration. I am getting bored with the current release! :-) - Jul 24 2009
Cool! As long as it is doable, I am happy. I can wait for it.

The features I am waiting for:
1. daisy as a task manager - So I no longer require that ugly task manager.
2. Plasmoids in daisy.
3. Some form of system tray integration.

This is turning out to be a killer plasmoid.
Don't you think you have gained enough millage out of 0.0.4 version? :-) - Jul 07 2009
Is is possible to have a link for kickoff/lancelot/raptor menus inside daisy? Like when I click on the K button? I am assuming that it is 99% impossible, but worth a shot! - Jul 06 2009
Heh, I thought that it was a super cool new feature which I do not have a use for, and you now call it a bug?

Think this use case can be worked into an advantage? I can see it being useful for devices with small screens (cough netbook cough). But it will be better off as a rectangle. - Jul 06 2009
Well, cannot wait!
You got me used to updating every other day, and now you cannot do this to me! :-) - Jun 12 2009
Yes you can!
First remove the bottom panel.
then right click on daisy and go to settings.
Go to Hiding.
Then select "Hide only when a dock hiding button is clicked".
Viola! You have a dock which feels like the panel! That is what I am using right now. Along with a smaller panel right justified with auto hide enabled which contains the network management plasmoid and the system tray. - May 25 2009
Now I am going to try it on my laptop (When that damn thing gets fixed!) with compositing.

And one more thing, can you make that "magnifying" mac effect? That way, I can show off to my mac friends! - May 22 2009
In linear or Circular dock, Nothing happens when I click on any of the launchers.

My system: KDE 4.3 b1, Ubuntu 9.04, Virtual machine, so no composition

When I use plasmoidviewer, I get the errors:
<Click on konsole>
findServiceByDesktopPath: konsole not found.

On another note, this feels like the beginning of something really really great! - May 21 2009
Breathing Linux

KDE 4 Splashscreens 12 comments

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Sep 21 2009
I tried my hand at making a boot splash our of your theme.....
You will have to turn your png animation to a mng animation and figure out how to write the damn config file.... Documentation anyone? :-) - Nov 24 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 10 comments

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Sep 26 2009
I think this plasmoid provides one thing which the panel with shortcuts does not.
I think it has a scroll option which I see from the screen shots. - Sep 25 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 53 comments

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Jul 09 2010
Nothing fancy.
It would be nice if I could configure the detail of the current prediction.

Like Now I have Temp. Condition, humidity, wind. I should be able to choose what to show.

Condition IMHO, is best to be shown below its symbolic representation (Picture).

I do not know if google's api allows this, but how about configuring how many days forecast I want. ps: In my city, the weather is not really that predictable, so having day after's weather is next to useless! :-) - Aug 13 2009
Nice, I usually have a problem with the default weather widgets in KDE where my city (Boulder,CO,USA) is not recognized.
(Even though NOAA is located there! :-) )
So finally something which I can use!

Thanks. - Aug 12 2009

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Apr 10 2009
This is really good. I wanted something nice and simple, and was bored of the same old "oxygen" layout....
- Apr 10 2009
KSplasherX for KDE4

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Oct 04 2008
Hi just wanted to let you know that I found ksplasherX very useful. I see that it is still in beta, so there must be lot more to come! Keep up the good work. - Oct 30 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Lechio

Score 81.9%
May 26 2009