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Heinrich Wiesinger Oggau, Austria
Run Command

Plasma 4 Extensions 145 comments

by Emdek
Score 76.7%
Feb 04 2012

I was trying the widget on 4.10 and while it generally works fine, I noticed a few things that tarnish the experience a bit:

- The input field where you type the command has a padding inside, which when the height is small causes the characters to only show partially. That could be a limitation on the input field itself, but maybe there is a way to remove the padding?
- I can't scroll though the history. Dragging the scrollbar does nothing and scrolling with the mouse wheel only scrolls the selected item (all others stay where they are)
- The widget showing the results has a static size, and elements are vertically centered. Maybe this could be done similar to how the notification widget or the device notifier work? (ie, have it expand from the panel rather than just appear and have it dynamically resize according to the number of results)
- It would be nice if you could navigate with the arrow keys through the results. Currently it just scrolls the list without changing the selection

Would be great if you could have a look at these things :) - Feb 09 2013
Dark Perfection Aurorae

Aurorae Themes 14 comments

Score 76.3%
Nov 18 2009

I'm really happy with this theme, it looks really great! I had one issue however, since it doesn't support two additional window buttons I use quite often: "keep above others" and "show on all desktops".
I went ahead and made basic versions for those for myself. I'm not an artists so they don't look overly pretty, but they do the job for me. Maybe you can take them as inspiration or even as base for more elegant ones :)
I made them available here:

One additional note, those buttons need config file adjustment for the theme to pick them up. I haven't yet figured out a good looking example, but once I have it for me I'll put it there as well. - Jan 03 2011
Ghost (Aurorae)

Aurorae Themes 26 comments

Score 73.0%
May 28 2012
I've been using the Ghost themes for almost a month now and I have to say, I really like them. What's more, not having tried a dark theme before, I never felt the urge to switch back. So, thumbs up, awesome stuff :)
For the Aurorae theme I would have one request though. I regularly miss the window buttons, which gets annoying over time. Is there a chance you can make them bigger? - May 14 2010
Thanks. Works great now :)
The only thing remaining now (for me) is that "Keep Above" and "On All Desktops" have the same button design, where the visual toggle works on the latter but not on the former (the functionality works just fine). Non-critical issue though :)
Keep it up! - Apr 11 2010
I don't know if it's an issue with aurorae or ghost, but the decoration becomes almost unusable for non-maximized windows if you use it in a non-composited desktop (like I tend to use when my notebook runs on battery), especially if you start resizing such windows. Mind looking into that? - Apr 08 2010
Ghost Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes 4 comments

Score 66.7%
Mar 27 2010
Scratch that bug. Seems to be amarok's fault :) - Mar 27 2010
I tried various dark color schemes and all had it's downsides. So far this is the first one that really appeals to me. It really looks great :)
There are surprisingly little bugs as well. So far I managed to find one ;)
Amarok's current song indicator uses the same background color as text color which hides some of the info. Maybe you can look into that :) - Mar 27 2010

Video Apps 11 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 23 2007

Is there any progress lately?
New Version? KDE4? - Mar 08 2008
I'm sorry, I tried to mail you, but gmx wasn't able to deliver it to
Do you have any other mail account or any ideas what led to the failure? - Jun 26 2007
This is really cool stuff. I've searched for something similar a long time now, and all I found were binary-plugins for vdr. So seeing something open-source is wonderful.
I hope this will somehow find it's way upstream, though from a legal point it should remain some sort of plugin.
Everything what needs to be changed directly in kaffeine should make it's way upstream, but the cicam stuff should remain a seperate plugin. Similar to the libdvdcss situation.

So, keep coding,
hopefully the kaffeine developers are open for this.
If you need some help (non-coding though) feel free to contact me! - Jun 24 2007