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Patrick Nielsen Esbjerg, Denmark
Ubuntu/Win/OSX Dragon wallpapers

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by P4man
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Oct 24 2009
I've featured your wallpapers in my thread on Neowin: - Oct 24 2009
I'm glad you solved it out. I also multi-mirrored it to ensure that it dosn't get lost again. I also shortlinked it with a service that gives the possibility to eliminate the link, if you wish the get it removed someday. - Oct 24 2009
They're the original ones, but you don't have Photoshop to import them correctly? Send them to me by uploading them to - Oct 24 2009
I have sent messages to the openDesktop commenters (Stormtorch, loris, nidoo, foos). Let's hope they have it. - Oct 24 2009
I'm really sorry, but I don't think i have those two wallpapers. I already looked at my two backup images that can be mounted, but not the third, where it actually could be stored, but takes a lot of time to extract. But don't you have a backup yourself?

Do you remember their filenames? I can try to seek for them on various search engines, to see if someone mirrored them. I already tried to search for their title names, but nothing found.

You could try to ask the users that commented here on openDesktop or YouTube (on the video you uploaded). If they also don't have them, when you have no other choice than asking openDesktop administrators if they still have those files stored on their server.

I really hope you get them back. - Oct 24 2009
Sorry to comment again, but it looks like you accidentally erased your original wallpapers...

The previews are low-quality. - Oct 24 2009
Thank you so much! :D

It's because I'm using a trible boot setup, and I like to use a series of wallpaper that have a logo to each of the operating systems. :)

But I can guess you also made a Windows 7 version? :) - Oct 24 2009
Well, one year has gone, and you still havn't made a OS X version. - Oct 24 2009