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gonzalo porcel

Audio Apps by posthuman 5 comments

Instead of developing a brand new application, write a plug-in for Juk so that it can sync a playlist or library with the Neuros.

That would be super cool and it would keep things simple for everyone. That also means that you have to do very little interface work and that you can get feedback from Juk's developer, who is one of KDE's most experienced develoeprs.

Good luck. - Mar 12 2005
Autohouse II

Database by croftj 3 comments

I love the idea of this app. My brother is an auto-mechanic and could really use something like this. I won't be back home until December of this year, but I'd love to be your beta-tester then.

I'll also be happy to translate the Interface into Spanish if you send me a text file with the relevant strings. - Mar 08 2005