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poppei poppei

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Jan 17 2013

First: G R E A T plasmoid! Every Windows-n00b is envious that I have such an useful app.

However I have the same problem here that it uses a huge amount of memory after some hours running (see my post here:
I will try your suggestion with plasmoidviewer and mail you the output.

Thanks a lot,
Poppei - Jul 18 2009
Merge_videos (KDE4)

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Mar 25 2008
Cool! ;-) Thanks a lot!
Greetings from Germany,
poppei - Mar 31 2008

Nice tool, I like it!
There's also a way to merge MPEG-Videos. Just use:
cat video1.mpg video2.mpg > video.mpg
Very easy, without additional software.
Perhaps it's possible to include it into your script?

Thanks for your software!
Poppei - Mar 29 2008

Plasma 4 Widgets
by fpuelz

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Jul 18 2009