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Michele Gastaldo Torino, Italy
k8 KDE Theme

QtCurve 19 comments

Score 77.8%
Sep 05 2017
Great work really, amazing especially to have a fully integrated theme in all parts of the desktop!

But the window decorations are large and dark, which in my opinion takes a lot of space and attention, so to say, on the screen. It gets heavy to the eye, for me, doesn't it? - May 03 2014
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 642 comments

Score 88.4%
Nov 10 2011
it's actually in KDE 4.8 by default instead - Mar 06 2012
Is it possible to make it so that when closing a window through the tooltip (i.e. hover a task and then click on the "x" to close the window), focus is then kept on the tooltip instead of going back to the window that was previously in focus?

example: I'm using vlc, I want to close the pdfs I was looking before. I hover the okular task, and close the first. but then the tooltip closes and focus is back on vlc, so I have to hover okular on the taskbar again (depending on how many instances are open and how big the thumbnails, the task might even be very far on the screen!) and close the second, and so on. Wouldn't it be better, instead, to just have the tooltip updated and be able to click on the x one after each other, as you can currently in the Present Windows effect or, in taskbar, in one famous proprietary OS?

sorry for being long, greetings and thanks for the great work so far - Nov 29 2011
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

Score 87.0%
Aug 15 2013

The extension is great and improving version after version.

There seems to be some problem, though, with the GoogleSharing extension: this shows a button on the toolbar with some text in. The text is green when the extension is enabled and working, red when it is not.
When using Oxygen KDE theme, though, the text is always in black, no status color is shown (while it correctly works if no theme is applied..haven't tried other themes).

If you want to try it out, you'd have to install the extension from an external website (

Thanks for help and for the amazing work! - Feb 13 2012
thanks a lot :) great work! - Oct 02 2011
when a app tab gets an "update" (for example, a new message arriving on facebook, a new tweet and so on), they normally get colored in firefox, but it seems this doesn't happen with oxygen-kde.
is there an option I couldn't find, am I getting something wrong, or is it a "bug"?
cheers (and my compliments for the great job! amazing theme!) - Sep 14 2011

Plasma Themes 210 comments

by mcder
Score 82.0%
Jun 11 2020
sorry to just break balls again but...why not compress it in a format that SystemSettings is able to automatically install, instead of xz?
with much gratefullness and respect - Dec 04 2011
aaah, now it's activated and it made the trick :) thanks! - Dec 01 2011
Hey! This theme is just great, only problem is that Lancelot, notifications and other plasma dialogs (for example network-manager and all the tooltips/widgets/dialogs activated from the system tray, or the Box Switch dialog or whatever they're called) are sometimes difficult to see due to high transparency, so it really depends too much on the back standing window or the desktop background.
Do you think anything can be done?

Thanks for the great work up to now! - Dec 01 2011
KParts Plugin

Browser 139 comments

Score 85.3%
Jul 23 2012
Uhm, I might be wrong, as apparently someone got an Okular Kpart (based on qtbrowserplugin as well) to work inside Firefox and WITH the search function

maybe you want to check it by yourself - Oct 04 2011
Ehm, how did you archive the source?

$ bunzip2 kpartsplugin-20110823.tar.bz2
bunzip2: kpartsplugin-20110823.tar.bz2 is not a bzip2 file.

$ file kpartsplugin-20110823.tar.bz2
kpartsplugin-20110823.tar.bz2: POSIX tar archive (GNU)

:S - Sep 07 2011
ehm, it's actually my due but i changed my computer recently and i only got linux back today :D i'll update it asap - Aug 31 2011
Kpartsplugin is now in unstable distribution in Debian:
If i'm not wrong, this should mean that it will be in next Ubuntu release too. - Jun 29 2011
it seems to be a kpart's missing feature, it's not possible to use shortcuts at all (at least in okular and some other apps' kpart), no matter if in firefox plugin loader or rekonq or whatever.

BTW, it seems kpartsplugin will make it into Debian - :) - Jun 26 2011
it's not just that, if you put the focus (click) in the plugin part, pressing Ctrl+F just doesn't produce anything, while on browser's focus it would use the browser's find function which, of course, is totally useless. it seems to me "search" is just disabled in the plugin/kpart, which is quite a shame 'cos it forces to use an external program...just like not having the plugin! - May 05 2011
Is it possible to have the "Search" functions (and maybe others too) in the plugin? Or does it depend on okular kpart's developers? - May 05 2011
i've packaged it for (K)Ubuntu and put it in my PPA

thanks for the great work :) - Apr 07 2011
sleepy (shutdown script)

Amarok 2.x Scripts 17 comments

by tmske
Score 58.0%
Aug 23 2010
and my soliloquy ends (finally) with the patch needed:

--- action.js 2010-08-23 16:25:33.000000000 +0200
+++ action2.js 2011-09-15 12:19:23.932470146 +0200
@@ -27,17 +27,17 @@

function suspend() {
- var suspend = "qdbus --system org.freedesktop.Hal /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.SystemPowerManagement.Suspend 1";
+ var suspend = "qdbus --system org.freedesktop.UPower /org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend";

function hibernate() {
- var hibernate = "qdbus --system org.freedesktop.Hal /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.SystemPowerManagement.Hibernate";
+ var hibernate = "qdbus --system org.freedesktop.UPower /org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Hibernate";

function shutdown() {
- var shutdown = "qdbus --system org.freedesktop.Hal /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.SystemPowerManagement.Shutdown";
+ var shutdown = "qdbus --system org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit /org/freedesktop/ConsoleKit/Manager org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager.Stop";

check to have consolekit and upower installed in order for this to work (this should be default in all "modern" distros)

cheers - Sep 15 2011
the solution for suspend/hibernate should be Upower - Sep 14 2011
consolekit should work at least for shutdown/restart, see

no clues about suspend/hibernate though - Sep 14 2011
are you still mantaining this script?
It should be updated as hal is getting deprecated: it's no more in use in KDE 4.6 (so for instance Kubuntu 11.04 doesn't install hal) in Gnome and in Xfce 4.8.
Major distributions are planning to drop or have already dropped it (see

ConsoleKit might be a replacement but i'm not quite sure

Greetings, and thanks for the script anyways! - Sep 14 2011
PlaybaK (aka KDE Media Player)

Video Apps 146 comments

Score 65.7%
Jul 11 2010
Is the project dead or still alive? No news? - Mar 10 2011

GTK2 Themes 67 comments

Score 58.0%
Jun 19 2008
Very very nice theme!! One of the most beautiful i've seen.
You should only fix that problem in the properties window of the launchers on the panel (eeer, sorry for my english)

and i think the right place for userChrome.css is
(i think /etc/firefox is not a custom dir for firefox, at least i don't have it on gentoo)

regards and congratulations! - Dec 05 2007
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by CraigD

Score 88.4%
Sep 15 2011
Radeon Power Management

Plasma 4 Extensions
by jemino

Score 86.9%
Aug 31 2011
Score 85.9%
Apr 12 2011
Score 85.3%
Sep 24 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by Apoclypse

Score 72.5%
Sep 24 2010