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Michael Rolf , Germany

System Software by rgfernandes 37 comments

I have two problems when using kio_rar 0.6:
1.) kio_rar crashes in rar archives that includes directories with a '#' in it's name. When entering such a directory I got the following message: "The process for the rar protocol died unexpectedly."

2.) With Konqueror and kio_rar I can't open rar archives with the ".cbr" extension ("comic book rar"). The error messages says:
"[Filename].cbr is a file, but a folder was expected."
After changing the extension to ".rar" it worked well.

The (un)rar command-line-tool doesn't have any problems with these rar archives.

I looked at to add a bug report, but there wasn't a kio_rar app listed.

BTW I'm using a i386/32Bit Gentoo. - Apr 19 2006