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Sep 10 2006
I have found a few problems with the new baghira. I hope these can be fixed soon because right now certain applications are looking fairly nasty.

1) brushed metal not consistent across widgets. In this screenshot you can see the horrid blue background on the position slider (top righ)

2) when selecting the non flat brushed metal for the title bar and window borders there are holes where the background of the desktop shows through; this is excentuated when a large border is used

I hope this is helpful in debugging.

Keep up the good work and please fix soon!

nick ... - Jul 06 2004
Is that an additional package :P

nick ... - Jun 14 2004
I've been unable to find or download those toolbar icons you have got on juk and konqueror, I've started to draw up some of my own using gimp...
Im not a qualified designer so will have to see what happens, so far i've done a few for juk (still need to do the loudspeaker icon and the tag-editor icon)

heres a quick screenie.

I cant get brushed metal window-title bars working yet so its not quite as tasty as yours. If I get time i'll finish the icons off and make them available here.

nick ... - Jun 13 2004
Yeah, sorry about that. I was having to use it without bab installed because I am using KXDocker instead of kicker.

I found the menu and changed it now im happy :)

nick... - Jun 13 2004
There seems to be an issue with the update you have made to the tabs. Personally I quite liked the way they looked in 0.3r .

As you can see from this screenshot it leads to inconsistency accross applications.

as you can see, when going into the desktop -> behavior from right clicking on the desktop (right window) you get the tabs from 0.3r (which I prefer) but , when you go to the same thing from the kde control panel -> desktop -> behavior we get a different tabs.

It would be nice if this was a bit more consistent or that one has the ability to either turn them on or off or perhaps have a list of apps and specify whether they use the old or the new tab style.

nick... - Jun 13 2004
I had a problem compiling on my gentoo box

Im running kde 3.2.3

gcc --version
gcc (GCC) 3.3.3 20040412 (Gentoo Linux 3.3.3-r6, ssp-3.3.2-2, pie-8.7.6)

However I managed to fix this by commenting out the following lines in widget-engine/baghira.h

line 4

//#ifndef QT_EFF

and at the end of that block of include statements

line 56

//#endif // QT_EFF

after commenting those out it compiles fine.

Hope this helps someone else.

nick ... - Jun 13 2004
Thats great! Could i be cheeky and ask where you got them from. I use the AQUA-OSX-ICONS for my desktop you can still find them if you google for the right thing. If I could get access to the gno-sx icons I could perhaps hack them out and use them with my current theme. I might even have ago at knocking a script together for copying the files across; Im sure there is demand for those buttons in KDE.

nick ... - Jun 13 2004
I thought id already posted a comment like the one i'm about to post here before; However It doesnt seem to be here so im gonna post it again.

In your last screenshot I notice that you have juk running with some lovely toolbar icons. How can I get my juk to look like yours ?

nick ... - Jun 12 2004
I can confirm this..

As a temporary measure until it is fixed, i start juk from the command line using a different style ... eg

%> juk --style plastik

That way its possible to use the program without the crashes.

It would be nice to have it fixed though. The question remains though, is it juk or baghira at fault ?

nick ... - Jun 12 2004
This is a great looking Theme/Style for kde 3.2 im loving it.. However is their any chance of an up to date gentoo ebuild ? And also how do i get those lovely tool buttons? (in your screenshots) I cant seem to change them.

nick ... - Jun 08 2004

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Jul 11 2004
Thanks for pointing that one out ... I'll try and get one in for the next release..

Nick - Jun 28 2004
Creative medium icons

Icon Sub-Sets 10 comments

by Liron
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Jun 14 2004
These icons are truly beautiful. I really wish you could produce a whole set. This is the kind of icon candy we need on kde. Please Please make a complete set so that I can ditch my Aqua Icons for something ,much more original and better!

nick ... - Jun 15 2004
KWin drop shadow patches

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 134 comments

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Apr 29 2004
Any chance of a KDE 3.2.3 .. Im running without drop shadows since I upgraded..

nick :))) - Jun 14 2004
UI enhancement (KDE 3.1.3)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 139 comments

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Aug 07 2003
Really ? because Im running 3,2,3 and I dont see the additional options in aadvanced background settings. Your screenshot seems to have a "Shadow Type" drop-down which I dont get.

see screenie...

Unless i'm missing something id like to have shadows on the icon text more like this ...

nick ... - Jun 13 2004
Any chance of a patch for kde 3.2.3?

I'd so love to have shadows on my icons like that ...

nick .. - Jun 13 2004

KDE Plasma Screenshots 7 comments

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Apr 22 2003
Looks nice, but your fonts (under the icons seem to have a "halo" like shadow. How did you acheive that ? the shadows under my fonts are sort of at an angle.. see screenshot ...

I'd dearly love to have my fonts have that shadow, setting the font to lucida sans doesnt seem to be enough.

nick ... - Jun 13 2004