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Golden XCursors 3D

Cursors by ezteban 26 comments


root can reporduce the erorr, all that is required is to make sure root is looking at one of the XCursor icons sets.

This works the other way. If you have X running, switch you'r user index.theme file to not look at an XCursor package, than bbpager works fine, with its horizontal orientation!

I'm thinking its either an X bug, bbpager bug or an XCursor bug. It does this with Xcursor so far, so it could be an Xcursor bug. I'll try some other icon sets. - Dec 23 2003
Golden XCursors 3D

Cursors by ezteban 26 comments

I have a debian woody system running X4.3 and blackbox. When i use any of the XCursors 3D packages, my black box pager (bbpager) uses a vertical orientation when it has been configured to use a horizontal orientation. All other configurations seem to be right, including the colours and borders etc, only the orientation is being ignored.

Everything seems to work with cursors such as -> whiteglass redclass handheld and Crystalblue (i think thats it), which i downlaoded from this site. But for some reason my bbpager ignores its orientation or at least seems to when i use the Xcursors Blue, Gold and Silver.

Also, if i kill bbpager, su to root, and then run bbpager again, it seems to work for some reason. So maybe i've stuffed up the configuration of bbpager, but for some reason it only stuffs up on Xcursors so far, which is sad, because this is a sweet set of cursors :( :)

And its totaly confusing because i would have thought cursors have nothing to do with an external program. I just baffels me! - Dec 23 2003