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Oct 20 2015
I have been testing in Fedora 22 you are quite correct when you say the progress bar height / width can be modified in 3.16, unfortunately the progress text remains outside the bar (not superimposed like GTK2). Thanks for the comments. - Oct 20 2015
-GtkProgressBar-min-horizontal-bar-height is already in the code it doesn't appear to do anything in my 3.14.5-1, even in *{}. Post 3.14 the progress text has been moved from inside the bar to outside, that is why the bar has to be so thin, this seems to be hard coded in GTK. All the themes I have seen in 3.14 have the skinny bars. what I am looking for is an override, something like -GtkProgressBar-classic-gtk2-look.

I have not been able to test 3.16 yet, I need a bleeding edge live distro iso with a light desktop that will run in my virtual machine (ie. not Gnome, Cinnamon or Unity). - Oct 16 2015
I think the bg is still striped but the 3.14 progress bar is so thin you can't see them. - Oct 15 2015
Thanks. You are welcome to use the theme as you like, you can clone the code from GitHub.

Enjoy the stripy progress bars while you can, from libgtk-3.14 the progress bars aren’t compatible with GTK2 any more, they’re just an ugly, barely visible thin sliver whose height isn’t themeable. - Oct 15 2015