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Board by redsh 68 comments

Another suggestion instead of mousewheel - I saw a nice number-wheel input system in a flash-based sudoku. See and right click in a square. - Jan 15 2006

Board by redsh 68 comments

Continuing my own requests after I saw in our local newspaper examples of these:
8) Option to be able to generate/solve XSudokus - not X-rated versions but having the additional rule to have 1-9 once also in both diagonals. Could also highlight the diagonals when one of these diagonal squares is pointed.
9) I think redsh's algorithm would be able to generate overlapping variants of sudoku - e.g (X)Samurai with 5 sudoku puzzles where the middle one shares a corner 3x3 blocks with each of the other four as well as double or triple (X)Sudokus where the overlapping puzzles share four 3x3 blocks with the other(s). See examples in - Dec 26 2005

Board by redsh 68 comments

Amazing app redsh, thanks!!

Some more suggestions - some of these ideas were loaned from (GPLed) G-Sudoku (

1. Pencil-marks should
a) fit the square (especially big resize kills the visibility as the line gets cut in left side) and
b) be sorted (maybe as an option)
2. Option for
a) automatically filling in pencil marks to all non-confirmed squares with all 'legal' possibilities
b) automatically wiping pencil-marks when filling in another square makes them obsolete
3. Simple undo would facilitate solving - the checkpoints are way too complicated for casual solving
4. Possibility to input a puzzle from scratch and get it validated, so while solving the original squares appear as 'solid' not user inputted - I noticed that one can create a text file and open it, but an input function with solvability check would still be great
5. Possibility to have a global custom set of (unique) characters for the puzzles (e.g. alpha sudoku) - this should only affect the display, not for example saving
6. Possibility to set alarm or time limit for the time elapsed
7. I realise that the solving algorithm is generic, but G-Sudoku has implemented set of 'normal' solving techniques which it applies to check the feasibility of a certain set - would be nice as an option - Dec 21 2005