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Luca Corsini
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Apr 24 2002
I think that is possible to create a separate package but there's a problem,the resized icons! the crystal package lacks some smaller icons, and I think that we can't simply resize everaldo's icons and redistribute them.
Also I think that we must create a free addon, I saw some icons ripped from MacOS X in another addon, and that's Bad - Apr 24 2002
I've seen other addons for crystal, why don't start a project with the original artist(everaldoo) and the others in order to make a full featured icon theme?(now the theme lacks a great number of icons like the smaller versions of a great number of apps) - Apr 24 2002
Very very cool icons, you are great,(like Everaldo, the original creator of the theme :-) I need an Icon for Knode, the newsreader, I tried to make it but i failed :-( I'm resizing some icons in order to complete the set, some icons smaller than 48x48 are missing(also the action icons bigger than 22x22 for the toolbar) but it needs a lot of work - Apr 23 2002