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Education Apps 6 comments

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Jan 02 2013
Thanks bluesummer. I'll keep those in mind. Lately I have been stuck rewriting a lot of code so the new features haven't been appearing as often. You may just see some of the ones you said pop up in a future release. Also please feel free to drop those ideas in the sourceforge bug tracker. - Mar 19 2010
Thanks. The program is really just starting to mature. The color highlighting problem has been in the back of the mind for a while, but thanks for reminding me. I'll probably get to it in the next release.

I have also been considering allowing the users to change the highlight colors, but it hasn't hit the top of my priority list yet just because I have a feeling it will be a pain in the butt to implement.

I originally started gWaei because gjiten just didn't work for my needs anymore. I felt like I had to fight with it too much to get any useful results out of it. I'm glad other people find gWaei useful too. :-D - Jan 13 2009

Metacity Themes 8 comments

by servo
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Sep 25 2006
The theme brings back good memories. I was really surprised that you managed all of the images without pixmaps.

What's funny is that this is a near perfect reproduction of the old platinum theme that no one managed for Mac OS X.

I was just wondering if you left out the one pixel shadow on purpose or you missed it? (The shadow only appears on the active window.)

Good theme. - Oct 15 2007
Fish Sandwiched Between Cutting Boards

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

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Mar 31 2007
I laughed at myself when I said windows compatibility...but it's not as far out as you may think. I'm sure there are some crazy linux users who want a picture of the gnome foot on their windows desktop just to show their love of the platform when they can't use it. - Apr 06 2007
The idea is around, but it is more rare than it should be. A fair number of the pictures already on this site could easily be made to do transparent backgrounds using their source material if the authors just released them as transparent pngs. But I suppose they don't because:

a. They didn't think of it
b. They are worrying about Windows compatibility
c. They are being anal-retentive of the colors - Apr 04 2007
Thank you. It's definitely one of the oddest pictures I've done. :) When making this, I was surprised how much the mood of the picture changed with the color. - Apr 01 2007
scratched gentoo

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Mar 29 2009
The text feels awkward somehow. It appears like it should be below the glass instead of above. Maybe if the color was more translucent so the scratches show through it a bit more? Otherwise very nice and original. - Apr 06 2007

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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Oct 24 2006
Thank you. That's precisely the reason why I modded some other themes together. Of course, I've never been able to get all of the bugs out of anything I have made. >_<

Between Invert 1 and 2, I feel like I traded off somethings for other things. The biggest strength of Invert 2 is that it is much more subtle and smooth. We'll see what I can pull out of Invert 3 whenever I try to tackle it. - Apr 01 2007

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

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Dec 16 2005
Most likely a bug. I haven't used VLC so much as I usually bring mplayer up from the terminal. I've gotten stuck on a lot of small bugs I just don't know how to work around. :/ - Oct 24 2006
This theme was made for the people who have window focus follow the mouse. - Jan 20 2006
I you use this theme. You will enjoy it much more if you have the monitor contrast jacked up all of the way. Otherwise you cannot see the smaller details. I just realized this when I installed the theme at a computer lab with a okay contrast ratio. - Jan 20 2006
Thank you. I was secretly hoping for a reply like that. :) My way was much more messy. - Dec 16 2005
No no no. Nothing against you or anyone out there. The remark for people who didn't know what they were getting into and didn't read. :) You know, the people who are going right now, "OMG!! I can't close my window!!!!" I'm actually pleasently surprised at the grading so far.

Nothing against buttons. I just realized that I don't use them now that I use the keyboard so much. On the next release there is a 99% chance I'll put in an option for both. Right now is play time phase where I'm trying random things out. I had the sudden realization that the buttons in the corner or just an unused vestigal appendage good for decoration only to me. (9_6) Plus it give more room for title bar text.

Was wondering what the waters were like in the public without those basic buttons. - Dec 15 2005
(Dark) Uncluttered Bliss

Gnome Screenshots 3 comments

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Dec 16 2005
Thing in the bottom left corner is the a GNOME pager done through the gdesklets. It just basically shows open windows on all of your desktops.

I had gotten the screenshot from gnome-look. I searched it in the wallpapers section with 1600x1200 resolution. There weren't to many the last time I check. Sorry, I can't remember the name :( - Dec 22 2005