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yahya clothier Hwaseong, South Korea

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by krig
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Nov 02 2008
I was referring to you (seanbarman) as the person with the windows attitude. Windows users tend to express a narrow world view, make broad assumptions and are usually frustrated. They also tend to insult the work of other people as they seek convenient fixes from others as opposed to users who make some personal effort to address their particular needs. A minority of users actually contribute with originality. A large number of people also east junk food. That doesn't mean that it's good for them. Get over that.

I am here to learn, certainly not to become famous nor to insult. As for Mark Shuttleworth's statement, you seem to assume that he meant to IMITATE the mac look. That's one interpretation. I am sure that if Ubuntu had an original idea of some merit, they would consider using it in a release. - Oct 31 2008
It sounds like you are a taker and never a giver. Also, quite immature. Maybe you should return to being a windows user.

About this theme: personally, I avoid using themes which merely imitate MAC look.. but this one is very nice. Besides, the author gives the credit to the "People at Apple". It's a nice theme to show what is possible with linux, but i intend to stick to Mandriva's great "la Ora Grey" theme. It's usable and fast. I like ubuntu's human look as well. - Oct 30 2008