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Serge Tarkovski
KRunner Translator

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Score 83.7%
Jan 20 2018
Yes, a bit complicated, but anyway Yandex offer great translation quality and huge amount of languages. - Jan 29 2016
Please check this - Jan 26 2016
I've got the same issue - translator is installed and turned on, but nothing happens when I'm typing "fr-en maison". I've tried to run krunner from console, but seems it doesn't produce any output. I'm under Kubuntu 15.10 and Plasma 5.5.3, krunner-translator 0.4.1ubuntu15.10 was installed from ppa. Am I doing something wrong? - Jan 26 2016
KRunner Translator

Web Runners
by Naraku

Score 83.7%
Jan 26 2016