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Various Games 26 comments

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May 08 2008
It looks like a problem with the way qmake is constructing the UI headers.

I'll be honest. I don't really care about the version 1.0.0 of KFCEU. I don't plan on writing any more patches my self for it. If you can fix it then I'll gladly add it to KFCEU.

If you can't figure it out I would simply get the KDE4 developer stuff installed, and use version 2.0.2. It is a far better version, and should compile on anything with out problems because of cmake.

Sorry I can't be much more help then this. - Mar 19 2008
Should be fixed now. - Dec 10 2007
Oops, I know why it does that, yeah your right.

When is scans the extension it takes everything after the first dot, not the last. I think I can fix that rather quickly. - Dec 10 2007
I noticed when I released this version that there is no depends on for KDE4. Wondering when admins will add that to the list.

Just want to make sure everyone knows, the latest version(=>1.99.5) of KFceu is KDE 4 only. - Nov 23 2007
Getting a good development environment for KDE 4 has been fairly tricky. I'm never sure if it's linking things right, or if I even have everything I need installed correctly. Getting both KDE 3, and 4 to exist together on openSuSE is more difficult then it should be. I think it's more of my own fault then KDE's. Hopefully when the final version is released this will be much better.

I don't think you'll see KFceu/KDE4 out until sometime next year. This is one of my little side programs, but because I use it my self regularly, I try to keep it up to date, and keep trying to improve it.

I have some new functions in the works, like KFceu now can almost modify the FCEU configuration files on it own, so making a better button binding interface is possible. - Nov 10 2007
I forgot to put the help box back in.

Basically you'll get a window, and in this window's title it will tell you the controller button you are currently trying to bind. Press the key, or joystick button, or move an axis twice to bind it.

It's a little weird. It's FCEU's actually key binder method. I'm trying to dissect how they create the configuration in the first place, so I can make my own method for binding controls that's will be a little easier to understand. - Oct 07 2007
I'll have the Qt4 version done before the end of the week.

Sorry for my stupidity in making this in Qt3 to start with. - Oct 06 2007
Firstly make sure you have qt3-devel installed, and not qt4-devel, it won't compile in qt4 yet.

If you still get errors send me the out put by email


I've been busy for the past two weeks, and I've been trying to set up some virtual machines so I can get KFceu to build on all distros, then I'll be able to have the openSUSE build farm make the packages for everyone.

I'm not very good at deploying software on Linux, actually this is the first time I've had to get it working on this many distros. - Sep 28 2007
Oops, I meant, you most likely have qt4-devel installed instead of qt3-devel. I've just tried to do a qt3to4 on, and it seems to have failures, with the KDE based widgets, I'll look into it.

If you do get problems with qt3to4 you can always just uninstall qt4-devel, and install qt3-devel. Though I want to get this fixed. - Sep 15 2007
Your using Qt4 most likely

Simply run in a console "qt3to4", and say yes to all, then rerun "./configuration", this should let it build on the newer version of Qt. I'll make the configuration script automatically check for this in the next version. Thank you for the bug. - Sep 15 2007
Your using Qt4 most likely

Simply run in a console "qt3to4", and say yes to all, then rerun "./configuration", this should let it build on the newer version of Qt. I'll make the configuration script automatically check for this in the next version. Thank you for the bug. - Sep 15 2007
Well it looks like FCE Ultra is going to get some new blood working on their project. I hope to start working with them soon to add better integration of KFceu with FCE Ultra. Right now all I'm doing is passing a command straight to fceu using system(const char *).

I would like to add more advanced features. The biggest thing I want working is button by button configuration, and an easy joy pad configuration method. Something other front ends seem to fail at a lot.

Net play is also another big issue I want to focus on, but FCE Ultra still needs to work on that it's self.

Next thing I would really like to have more meta info. Like Amarok I would like to be able to tell people what their favorite game is. When was the last time you played a game, and also what country it's from, size, and maybe even cartridge art. - Sep 02 2007
Well I'm a one front end to one emulator kind of man, though I'll give yours a shot. You might have just killed an application. ;)

I make tons of these kinds of applications, and most never see the light of day. I'm only sharing this one because of the lack of a dedicated FCE Ultra front end.

As for the name, I should of just called it QFceu, because I really haven't implemented any KDE only widgets, although it would be easy to do so. - Jul 29 2007
Simutrans Starter

Utilities 8 comments

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Jul 23 2012
Because it's only linking to those libraries, it doesn't actually contain any code from QT. Like how ID software can make Doom 3 link and use OpenGL, SDL, and OpenAL, and still license it's game, and code as commercial. - Nov 06 2007

Kbfx Startmenu 6 comments

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Sep 12 2006
Oh, that is sweet. - Sep 12 2006
Yet another openSUSE wallpaper

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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Aug 01 2006
HAHAHA! I nearly spit beer all over my tablet.

This is great! - Aug 01 2006
KDesktop Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 115 comments

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Jul 09 2006
This was the only thing I liked about Gnome!

Thank you sooooo much. - Jul 10 2006

Bootsplash Various 4 comments

by oryxz
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Jun 22 2006
I liked Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, even though it was like the 5th most depressing anime ever. Saikano "She the Ultimate Weapon" was the most depressing ever, you should make a boot splash for that some time.

Though there are somethings about this boot loader I don't. The Linux Loading down in the lower left hand almost feels like it's not suppose to be there, but it is. If the font was smaller, and next to or under the loading bar, then I think it would fit in with the boot loader more. The over sized icons at the top also feels strange, The text at the bottom, and the icons on top almost seem to be framing in the splash screen. Making it feel congested, and crammed together. - Jul 04 2006

KDM3 Themes 5 comments

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Apr 05 2006
It's the SuSE 10.0 KDM theme, but no SuSE logo, and it's RED! Hey, could you do the same thing, but with the KDM theme for SuSE 10.1, and make it a sleek black color, like the verbose boot theme for 10.1? - Apr 05 2006
boo karamba theme

Karamba & Superkaramba 7 comments

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Mar 25 2006
Maybe when KDE 4 comes out, and XGL, or something along those lines, is adopted this will be less resource consuming.

Other then that, it's really cool.

So is One Piece! On Eps 179. =) - Mar 25 2006
xp kdm-theme

KDM3 Themes 31 comments

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Mar 23 2006
I guess this is only good if you want to go for that confuse people into thinking their using Windows XP. Hmmmmmmm, this is gives me some ideas.

But other then that, I really don't see why? - Mar 14 2006
Toy Factory Attempt

KDE 3 Color Schemes 6 comments

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Feb 05 2006
When I look at it I feel like I'm ready to throw up puppies, and rainbows. =) In a good way. - Feb 05 2006
Gtk Radiant icon

Icon Sub-Sets 4 comments

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May 22 2005
I hate that ugly icon GTKRadiant comes with. The Quake3 Logo with Radiant pasted on top drives me nuts. It's ugly, and GTK Radiant does alot more then Quake3. I use it to make Doom3 maps, and Jedi Knights:Jedi Acedemy maps.

Thanks for the sweet icon! - May 25 2005
Quake Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 10 comments

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May 26 2005
Wow! That was fast! Well ummmm... You should get to work on a Quake 4 Icon! Though I think the Quake 4 logo looks a hell of a lot like Quake's. - May 23 2005
Thanks I needed I good Icon.

Great work! Now how about one for Quake, and Quake 2? - May 23 2005

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Feb 27 2005
I like Bass, though I think the text, and black back drop doesn't really do anything for it. Try a patter of some sort under it, then throw another picture of bass under that, but of a diffrent angle. A simple pattern of squares that slowly dissappear from right to left would work, or grid lines! (Megaman blue would be good!) Put it on an alpha layer, then put the other picture of Bass under it! Then place you text above it somewhere.

Or don't listen to me at all! =)

Rockman&Forte best ever! (A.K.A. Megaman 9) - Feb 27 2005