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May 25 2008
Is it the server? because the australian open aren't shown completely, or the stats aren't updated - Jan 18 2008
Think you can update it for wimbledon? It seems the wimbledon data can't be read... - Jun 25 2007
Another idea!
Someone gave up today (can't remember who right now)
This means someone "won" without completing the match. You think it's possible to show who won the match? e.g. making the name of the winner bold? - Jun 02 2007
Yeh, background works, after I reload the theme :)

Probably something strange with my computer... as usual - Jun 01 2007
I assume you're gonna add support for more Grand Slam tournaments to this app, maybe you can also add a Rain Delay warning on?

(BTW, it's a lot of rain on Roland Garros this year, which gave me this idea) - May 31 2007
Besides the background not working (or is it supposed to be transparent?)

YOU ROCK DUDE! It's awesome! - May 31 2007
The large version currently just gives me a blank screen, while the small one works. - May 30 2007
Sorry, forgot an idea:

Maybe include if it is a male or female match? Because only the names with first name only letter doesn't make that clear, and especially now in the beginning, the names aren't all that familiar yet - May 29 2007
I'm guessing it takes the results from the live XML file on the rolandgarros website :) - May 29 2007
Ok, my comment was on the very first you placed here, commented later, so, sorry for the confusing comment!

But I have another idea, indeed, changable colors, because I have a grey background, I can't see the current scores very well.

Just an idea.

For the rest, I love this one!! especially now I know I can scroll, and have the large version! :) - May 29 2007
It's pretty low on height.... not very high amount of games fit in the standard size.

Make it resizable or auto-size to the games? - May 28 2007