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KParts Plugin

Browser by fischer 139 comments

> You got it wrong where KPartsPlugin comes into
> play. It is not meant to replace Okluar, it
> makes Okular accessible from within your
> non-KDE browser. KPartsPlugin will claim
> support in the browser for any mimetype
> which is supported in the KDE system,
> which is maybe not what you want. For
> example, KPartsPlugin will claim to support
> all kinds of office file formats as soon as
> Calligra is installed, but you may want to
> prefer LibreOffice's native plugin you
> browser. Simply use the KCM module to tell
> KPartsPlugin to step back.

Actualy I didn't looked at the sources,
I thought you implemented it as
a kpart plugin itself (even if, thinking on
it, doing something like that
would have not made possible to manage
mime-type handling the way I was suggesting

>> the toolbar and the menubar are not right-
>> clckable (at least for okular). Is it a anted
>> behaviour? Since its a plugin it would be
>> wonderful to be able to enable/disable the
>> menubar.
> Well, I have to admit it: The menu/tool bar
> is fake and just rebuilds the original one
> at its bare minimum. Feel free to contribute
> code how to improve it.
> However, I could add an option to the KCM
> module to add options for (not) showing
> buttons or menus ...

Many "kpart container" applications (I mean
konsole, dolphin, okular etc) use the standard
actions "show/ihde" menubar and "show/hide"
toolbar. Ithink a better approach would be to
let kpartsplugin behave the same. I hope to
find some spare time soon to add support for
this point.


>KDE was never a second class citizen!

well, for me it's the King of DE, but I have
yet to see major distributions (fedora,ubuntu,
and even opensuse to some extent) make a better
use of its technologies. Seems that all of the
fine tuning love is directed elsewhere, and
you as a kde user are forced to fiddle with
stupid details all the time just to make things
work toghether.
- Jun 09 2012
KParts Plugin

Browser by fischer 139 comments

great plugin!It really makes kde appear less a second class citizen in the desktop environment arena!

I hope to see it bundled with more distro soon.

Just some feedback from an old kde user:

1. why the kcm mdoule? AFAIK you don't need to create it, you can make kpartsplugin be a viewer in the default file association module by adding just a .desktop file. For example, the x-chm mime-type is handled by okularpart. This association is defined insied /usr/share/kde4/services/okularChm.desktop file.

2. the toolbar and the menubar are not right-clckable (at least for okular). Is it a wanted behaviour? Since its a plugin it would be wonderful to be able to enable/disable the menubar.

Just my two cents, thanks for this great little utility! - Jun 07 2012
Jun 07 2012
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