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Jeremy Meller

GTK2 Themes by 4kas 21 comments

Whoops, I actually installed it and I see that it does that to the panel automatically- that's cool, I haven't seen that yet!
In my opinion, though: make the window colour a little less bright. It makes the controls a bit harder to read. Other that that, it looks great! - Nov 02 2007

GTK2 Themes by 4kas 21 comments

Ahh... The good old days. Trillian is one of the things- if not the thing I miss most- from Windoze. Now I'm entirely on Mac and Ubuntu.
Theme looks good, though! How can I get the menubar to look like that? - Nov 02 2007
Mac4Lin Leopard GTK Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by infrareddude 22 comments

Yay! Gutsy compatibility! I've been checking every day since I found this. THANKYOU! - Oct 31 2007