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Rainer Endres Michelstadt, Germany
Pinux's Lila cursors theme

Cursors by pinux 22 comments

You can use:

kcontrol --> Periphereals --> Mouse --> Cursor Theme

You don't even have to untar the archive.

Have fun. - Dec 28 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by thomas12777 1262 comments


If you are speaking about mosfet leaving KDE CVS. He did not part. After some days of calming down he actually saw the fact it as better for him and all the others he was no longer allowed to commit.

Mosfet was at that time not able to stick to any schedule. Refactoring, rewriting your code days before a long planned release is not in any way acceptable in a project as big as KDE. This is ok for some game in the "Outback" perhaps, but changing the widget drawing code days before packaging is simply idotic. He did things like this several times, so he had to accept this is not possible in big projects. And he accepted it. He stated he is pretty glad he does not have to stick to other people schedules anymore.

About all his partings and coming back afterwards: Seems he got very touchy when people reacted the way he acted to others. Ranting BIG and not being able to handle the backfire? too bad.

just my 2ct, because I think mosfet is becoming some kind of martyr. - Nov 19 2003