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Phobos Kappa , Bulgaria
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Windows 10 Ksplash

Plasma Splashscreens 9 comments

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Jan 24 2016
9 excellent - Jan 03 2020

Network 17 comments

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Feb 17 2008
Since doesn't exist anymore, the download link is not working... Could you please make the app available for download somewhere else and tell us is this an abandoned project? - Jan 27 2015

System Software 46 comments

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Feb 05 2017
The KEncFS v1.2 has a problem with the older encfs5 volumes as it doesn't work with them at all.
This is because of a limitation in the code.
For all of you that have older encfs5 volumes resulting in inability to be added to KEncFS 1.2, I've prepared a simple patch here:

It was tested and working on amd64 and x86 both with new encfs6.xml and encfs5 volumes...

More info in the Gentoo bug report here: - Dec 09 2012
Lyrics screenlet

Conky 339 comments

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Mar 30 2011
Ok I found the problem.
It is in compiz/composite.
I do not use it, so the widget is not shown :(
When I turn compiz on it all works as charm....
But I have some problems with compiz and my ATI card, so i cannot use it on a regular bases... so i will not be able to use this very handy screenlet.
Maybe it is good to have a version independent on transperency and other stuff that needs composite? - Mar 07 2009
0.21 is the first version i try.
All other screenlets i have work with no problem.
I will try to debug it when i have time... I just reported it so you know... - Mar 07 2009
Version 0.21 is not working on Ubuntu Intrepid (it is not shown at all on the desktop).
Here is the console output:

CachingBackend: Loading instances from cache
CachingBackend: Loading <Lyrics1>
Creating new entry for LyricsScreenlet in /tmp/screenlets/screenlets.user.running
Loading instances in: /home/user/.config/Screenlets/Lyrics/default/
File: Lyrics1.ini
FOUND: /home/user/.screenlets/Lyrics/themes/default
theme.conf found! Loading option-overrides.
theme.conf loaded:
Name: dark
Author: Marcel Dancak
Version: 0.1
Info: Dark theme
Override: font
Override: text_scale
Override: color_normal
Override: color_highlight
Set options in Lyric
FOUND: /home/user/.screenlets/Lyrics/themes/default
theme.conf found! Loading option-overrides.
theme.conf loaded:
Name: dark
Author: Marcel Dancak
Version: 0.1
Info: Dark theme
Override: font
Override: text_scale
Override: color_normal
Override: color_highlight
Screenlet has been initialized.
Restored instances from session 'default' ...
Find active player: Exaile API

etc... No output at all when Exaile is playing.
Screenlets: version 0.1.2
Exaile: version 0.2.14

font=comic sans MS 9

Another problem is that when trying to install it, the screenlets core says that the screenlet packer was not used for packing and asks to continue or to abort....
- Mar 07 2009
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Jan 26 2009
Here are some bugs in 0.9.3 i found. The binaries are compiled with no changes on Ubuntu 8.10

1. Closing the "Monitor Server" window causes the plasmoid to crush and the systray application to exit with no errors.
2. When opening configuration dialog for a new public server the preselected default folder cannot turn the "Next" button active. One has to delete the last character of the folder and reenter it so the next button to be active. Selecting the same folder through the file dialog doesn't help too.
3. The configuration of the KPF is written in the kepasrc file but is never used if the application is closed and opened again (or added again for the plasmoid). So you end up in creating the server again after you logout and login KDE or after removing and adding the plasmoid again.

You can have a look at my previous bug report on an old svn version of kepas here:
there bug 1 is obviously fixed
bugs 5 and 6 I cannot tell since i deinstalled KDE4's desktop and i left only the necessary libs to run some KDE apps. - Jan 26 2009

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 613 comments

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Mar 05 2008
Hi there,
sorry about the KBFX site but we have some problems with it ATM that i hope will be resolved very soon.
Now about your "problem" with KBFX: In order to use KBFX you need to add it as an applet to any of the KDE panels. Right click on any of the panels and choose "Add applet to panel..." then search for KBFX (as string) and add it. First time it will load a bit slowly depending on your PC. Next you may remove the standart K-Menu button if you like and after that go through the KBFX configuration so you are sure you configure it the way you want it to work :)
If any problems do not hesitate to ask :)
Have a nice day... ;) (well or night depending on your timezone ;) ) - Aug 15 2008
First you have to use the latest KBFX source files.
Next read this:

You may find useful this discussion too: - Nov 21 2007
What exactly do you mean by this?
Please try to be more specific and tell us the version of KBFX you use.
Meanwhile try to find a solution on the KBFX Forum pages (
You can read this topic too: - Oct 15 2007
What is the ChangeLog of this rpm, so i could publish it? - Jul 12 2007
Yes you are absolutely right...
Will fix that, thanks for the opinion...
BTW I myself hate to see such projects with a lot of info and lacking the main info - what the project does ;)

But you know when you support a project like KBFX it is hard to keep up with all this info for the users...

Thanks anyway will fix it ;) - Jul 12 2007
Изпратил съм ти PM(ЛС) за адреса на тапета който искаш ;) - Jul 12 2007
Yes you are right, but this is not a bug.
Because of the implementation of KDE (to be more specific kicker and K-Menu code) there is no easy way to say when K-Menu has disappeared so we made the button to stay for a while clicked and then to go to normal state.
If you click on the button before it comes to normal the K-Menu will disappear and the button will come to normal before the timeout. - May 16 2007
Just install your distribution's package named "cmake".
And in order to compile you will also need the kde devel package... - Mar 15 2007
Well I have not tried kxdocker lately... :(
If it supports kicker applets there should be no problems using KBFX....
If it doesn't support kicker applets - well that is bad...
The dcop call is:
dcop kicker kbfxDevelnterface showMenu
but KBFX applet should be added to the kicker first (the dcop will be renamed to "KbfxInterface showMenu" in stable release).
FYI - for dcop calls "debug" use the app "kdcop" - Mar 07 2007
Are you talking about the Testing version 20070225?
Did you hit apply button after selecting the kde style menu? - Mar 02 2007
Usually the problem is that you have not added the KBFX applet to the pannel you want. KBFX is a kicker applet like "Clock", "Lock and Logout buttons" etc. so before you see any change you need to add KBFX to the pannel by right clicking on the pannel and selecting "Add applet to panel" - Feb 18 2007
Problem fixed now... :)
The code is in SVN and will be released next week as new version...
Thanks for the report - Feb 11 2007
You don't mention what distro you use but your problem is that you have to install the development packages of KDE - that means usually libkde dev and kdecore dev. Anyway the names depend on the distro - Feb 09 2007
Well the concept of KBFX is flat menu use (you may read section "Concepts" on
So there are a lot of pros and cons the flat and the hierarchical structured menues.
Maybe later we can think of something like coloring the submenus but that should be discussed with our users of course. You are welcome for discussion on #kbfx on freenode IRC

Ctrl+Alt+S - have you compiled with strigi support? - Feb 05 2007
Never thought about that... well maybe will be a good idea... I've just added it to the TODO list of KBFX.
Thanks for the proposal - Feb 05 2007
See my reply to your previous question (pay attention to 2. - Feb 05 2007
1. Building a .deb with cmake installation - I don't know how... You may ask in debian forums or google around, but cmake is much faster than autoconf/automake tools and is the default in KDE4 so we moved to it for future compliance...

2. The resize toolbar problem - gone now but the fix is still in SVN - will be in the release next week - sorry about that but it is a bug in 20070117 - we warned that this is still alpha release - made just to give our users the latest code and to be of help to our theme developers to start transforming their old themes into the new specs. For this the docs are nearly ready - look at

3. Yes the configapp loads slowly but after the load there are no more delays, another way is to have small delay after every selection of an option from the left.

4. Yes you are right there is a little confusion with these buttons - the button for toolbar is meant to be (fixed already) "Toolbar Resize is 'OFF'" or "Toolbar Resize is 'ON'" as for the buttons for the tooltip say (even now) TURN the tooltip ON etc.
For now tooltips are not implemented and we are thinking of removing them - what would you say? - Feb 05 2007
Please read carefully the install instructions for KBFX Silk given on For convenience here is the copy:

Note: Things to be considered before installing KBFX Silk TTP ===============================================

1.) To configure and compile KBFX Silk TTP you need Cmake >= 2.4.2

2.) To configure and compile KBFX Silk TTP simply run ./

3.) After the install of KBFX Silk TTP, please unload and uninstall any previous version of KBFX.

4.) Please delete ~/.kde/share/config/kbfxrc after unloading the old version's KBFX applet.

5.) Relogin KDE and load the KBFX Silk TTP applet

6.) If you need file searching capabilities in KBFX, please download and install Strigi

7.) To enable Strigi support in KBFX, please pass --strigi OR -s option to
i.e: ./ --strigi

Pay attention to number 4 please - Feb 04 2007
What do you mean by "wallpaper"? - Feb 02 2007
Well this directory can be named anyhow. It doesn't matter...
I decided to use the name "build" just for convenience. In this directory the files/libraries are only built nothing more. We use "make install" in order to use KBFX :)

As for the "sudo" command - do you think it will let you do the install just that without touching anything on the default configuration of Ubuntu?

Anyway the ./ script is only for convenience ...
If "su" does not work for you you may answer to the install question with "N" and next "cd" to the folder "build" and there do: "make install" (as root). - Jan 26 2007
Thanks for the report we will fix that - Jan 21 2007
This was a bug in the code - fixed today... ;) - Jan 21 2007
Oks, I have uploaded @linux3114a's RPM on Sourceforge.
You can use it now...
Original download place: - Jan 19 2007
Did that help? - Jan 19 2007
Do I sense some kind of irony?
I've never said that our kbfx.spec file is perfect, but you better than me know that it can be written in several ways. And also it is very easy to maintain one distro's spec file (and comment on other people work) than several.
As for the using of build script to master the rpm - better follow our spec file closely - it doesn't use the build script but uses a separate "build" directory where cmake to do its job (although that is not necessary in the case of building an rpm but it is easier to maintain that way and follows some kind of pattern afterall).
I do have some notes on your spec file but i'd rather not comment on that.
I think the best way is to combine efforts and write a universal spec file working on most of the RPM based distroes.

As for the problem of @linux3114a - it was not at all connected with the spec file or any of the code of KBFX, but with the way the rpm is build.... so.... that is all.... - Jan 19 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts 66 comments

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Apr 11 2008
Yes it supports LyricWiki, but will you please tell us exactly the name of the song and the band as it is in the mp3 tag of the song you do not get the lyrics?
And can you tell me what version of GoogLyrics you use ? - Jan 31 2008
Sorry but is not indexed by Google thoroughly, so there is no need to be added in GoogLyrics (and besides it has very low ranking in the results returned by Google).

As for the Serbian lyrics site it is added now in the SVN version, so it will be present in the next GoogLyrics version that will be released.
Meanwhile if you want to use Kovach, just go to .kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/googlyrics folder in you ${HOME} and issue the command svn up. Of course for this to work, you need to have the subversion package installed on your system. - Jan 26 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts 51 comments

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Jan 18 2008
Ok... It's a shame really... The problem is not in the code at all but in the "Scroogle sysops" (I will not use any qualifications about them because i cannot find a proper word - my dictionary is not so rude). What they do is blocking IPs that used their service via the script (this is only my guess). What I get from my IP as a result of the queery (LWP debug):
LWP::UserAgent::new: ()
LWP::UserAgent::request: ()
HTTP::Cookies::add_cookie_header: Checking for cookies
HTTP::Cookies::add_cookie_header: Checking for cookies
HTTP::Cookies::add_cookie_header: Checking for cookies
HTTP::Cookies::add_cookie_header: Checking .org for cookies
LWP::UserAgent::send_request: GET
LWP::UserAgent::_need_proxy: Not proxied
LWP::Protocol::http::request: ()
LWP::Protocol::collect: read 18 bytes
LWP::UserAgent::request: Simple response: OK
Can't call method "value" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/WWW/ line 1247, <STDIN> line 3.


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 22:15:56 GMT
Server: Apache/2.0.51 (Fedora)
Content-Length: 18
Connection: close
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8

Server too busy.

So the script fails.
I run simultaneous (sync) queeries from 3 diff IPs to
and the one from my IP fails everytime....
+ The queery CGI script:
gives forbidden error....

I am speechless ... - Jan 14 2008
No i do not use any kind of proxy or anything.
It happens practically with every song.
Here are some of them Title/Artist/Album:

  • 01 - Dark Skies/Blutengel/Angel Dust - Ltd Edition

  • Adelante - Bonus/SASH/S4! Sash!

  • These Words/Natasha Bedingfield/Unwritten

  • 05_ Why/DJ Sammy/The Rise
  • - Jan 14 2008
    Hi, First let me thank you for the nice lyrics script.
    Now to the problem - it worked for a while but it started to give an error in the WWW::Mechanize module (at the beginning happened randomly but now it is preventing the script from working as soon as any song is played). That is why I upgraded to 0.11 version but the problem still exists. More info:
  • WWW::Mechanize tested with 1.20 (the original version in Gutsy) and 1.34 (latest version from CPAN)
  • Amarok 1.4.7
  • Unicode system
  • Nothing in the output script window
  • The error is:
    (WWW::Mechanize 1.20)Can't call method "value" on an undefined value at /usr/share/perl5/WWW/ line 1107, <STDIN> line 1.

    (WWW::Mechanize 1.34) Can't call method "value" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/WWW/ line 1247, <STDIN> line 3.

  • PS. BTW the bug report system requiring sign-up is not very convenient for the users i think, but anyway it is your decision so i do not judge you. - Jan 14 2008
    Color White Theme

    Kbfx Startmenu 1 comment

    Score 50.0%
    Jul 25 2007
    Just to note that this is not a KBFX Theme, but a button for KBFX and a background for the kicker panel. :) - Jul 26 2007

    Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 126 comments

    by oever
    Score 50.0%
    Feb 01 2009
    The problem is that in strigi's 0.5.1 code the classes "AsyncSocketClient" and "AsyncSocket" are not exported, so a small patch to the code is needed.
    You can get the patch from here:

    Put it in the folder where you untarred the strigi 0.5.1 sources and in the same folder issue the command:
    "patch -p0 < strigi-0.5.1-fix.diff"
    Next proceed with the compilation/installation of strigi as usual.
    At the end install strigi applet. - Jul 11 2007
    Kbfx for Ubuntu Feisty

    Kbfx Startmenu 1 comment

    Score 50.0%
    May 17 2007
    Thank you for the Ubuntu package. I have uploaded it to SourceForge in the section for Ubuntu as kbfx_0. . Here is the URL: - May 17 2007
    Kbfx for Ubuntu Dapper

    Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 3 comments

    Score 50.0%
    May 17 2007
    The package that is downloaded is nearly empty with no binary files in it :( - May 17 2007
    Kbfx for Ubuntu Dapper

    Kbfx Startmenu 2 comments

    Score 50.0%
    May 17 2007
    The package that is downloaded is nearly empty with no binary files in it :( - May 17 2007
    Gentoo Dark Prototype

    Kbfx Startmenu 8 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Mar 18 2007
    And some more info...
    The preview.png image should be not more than 270x210 pixels because:
    1. It is not scaled in the preview window...
    2. If it is bigger than that it means it has more kb as size - for example yours is 231kb so ... you may reduce its size and width/height - Mar 11 2007
    Sorry but...
    There is a limitation in the naming of the themes...
    The name of the theme(respectively the folder's name) cannot contain . (dot) so this theme in the current situation will not be shown and used by KBFX at all.
    I will change that behaviour and limit to not using themes beginning with a dot so in the official stable this theme could be seen/used. Till then u may just rename it....
    Sorry again - Mar 11 2007

    Kbfx Startmenu 3 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Mar 10 2007
    I like this especially the font settings and the combination with the colors.

    But may I give an advice:
    Because KBFX have moved to new theme specifications (see the latest version of kbfx - 20070225 testing), why don't you transform your theme to a ".kbfxtheme" file and to convert it to the new KBFX Silk theme format.
    A HOWTO on this topic you may find here:
    and for the .kbfxtheme file here: - Mar 10 2007
    Slim And Blue

    Kbfx Startmenu 1 comment

    Score 50.0%
    Mar 07 2007
    Nice as always ;)
    This theme is for new KBFX versions... :)
    Take a note there in the description - Mar 07 2007
    The Art Of Golden Wave Fx

    Kbfx Startmenu 4 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Mar 04 2007
    By the way the search box is not placed at the bottom of the menu (like your screenshot)
    And the truth is that with the water effect on the theme is even more nice but you know some users hate high cpu usage... ;)
    BTW I have missed an image in the docs called glass.png that is used for the water effect.
    And thanks to u I fixed a bug in the code and in the docs ;) - Mar 02 2007
    Now it is better but....
    Please disable the Water effect because it is CPU consuming and it will make some of the users nervous... ;)
    And the filename has an extra dot so pls rename from: TheArtOfGold..kbfxtheme to:TheArtOfGold.kbfxtheme

    P.S. I like this theme a lot :) - Mar 02 2007
    Golden Wave

    Kbfx Startmenu 3 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Feb 28 2007
    I like this theme very much especially the combination of colors.

    But may I give an advice:
    Because KBFX have moved to new theme specifications, why don't you transform your theme to a ".kbfxtheme" file and to convert it to the new KBFX Silk theme format.
    A HOWTO on this topic you may find here:
    and for the .kbfxtheme file here: - Mar 01 2007

    Kbfx Startmenu 4 comments

    by Phlox
    Score 50.0%
    Feb 10 2007
    Hi I like this theme very much... It is very optimistic.

    And here are some recommendations:
    1. Please rename the file so that instead of the extension tar.gz it becomes with the extension .kbfxtheme
    In that way it will be easier for the users to install it - by just clicking on it :)
    2. You may change the "menu_top_image_person.png" inside your theme to something you like - this image is used if the user decides to use the default "dude" image of the theme instead of his own (usually .face.icon)

    And a note: the buttons(hover/pressed/normal) and menu_top_image_person.png are not automatically used in because of a bug but in the next release (that is due to next week) they will be used so don't worry. - Feb 06 2007
    Score 77.1%
    Mar 07 2009
    Windows 10 Ksplash

    Plasma Splashscreens
    by alesandromarkes

    Score 55.0%
    9   Jan 03 2020
    9 excellent

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by nik3nt3

    Score 81.6%
    9   Mar 02 2011