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Aug 10 2006
You either copy files to burn:/ or drag folders to the CD writer icon in the sidebar. With the first method, you must also select what kind of disc you want to make from the list at the top, with the second method only data discs will be burned. - May 12 2006
You need K3b including development files (e.g. a package called libk3b-dev or similar will be needed).

As a side note, if you are using Debian unstable this package is temporarily unavailable so you will have trouble compiling from source (you'll need to install k3b from source first, or wait for the new package to filter through to the repositories). However, I've recently put up a Debian binary package on the SF download page which should do the trick on i386 machines. - Apr 24 2006
Not sure what the problem is here. Sometimes it is slow updating the view if you're adding files to burn:/ - you need to hit the refresh button or F5 perhaps. - Apr 21 2006
Cool, many thanks. I don't know much about putting together packages myself so this is really useful! - Apr 18 2006
My mistake, it requires KDE 3.4 not 3.3. Sorry. - Jan 13 2006
The burn package should not produce this message

Oops, sorry, it will if you have K3b installed with hal but not the hal development files. So yes, probably the best thing to do is install libhal-dev - Jan 13 2006

Hi, I probably should have put up a full list of compile dependencies. On Debian you need to do apt-get install libk3b-dev kdelibs4-dev kdebase-dev dbus-qt-1-dev libhal-dev There should be similar packages for other distributions. - Jan 13 2006
Is this from compiling the burn-0.8.1 package or K3b? The burn package should not produce this message. I think K3b can compile without dbus by using configure --without-hal, but you will get better functionaility if you install dbus, dbus-qt and hal libraries and headers. - Jan 12 2006
For people having problems, version 0.7 should be able to detect your CD device via k3b. In debian, you'll need to install kio_burn from source I'm afraid. The process should be roughly:

$ apt-get install k3blibs k3blibs-dev
$ bzcat burn-0.7.tar.bz2 | tar xv
$ cd burn-0.7
$ ./configure
$ make
$ su -c "make install" - Mar 20 2005
A note on the bugfixes:

The very first version of 0.6.1 that I uploaded was a slightly broken version of the source code. I had attempted to fix a bug that sometimes left decoded audio files in your home directory (under ~/.kde/share/apps/kio_burn/decode). If you downloaded the program in the first twenty minutes or so since it was posted here you might want to check that directory to see if it is getting filled up with large audio files. The source code that's online now should fix this, but let me know, here or by email, if you're still having problems.

All I can say is "whoops"! Sorry about that. - Jan 16 2005
I'm afraid not.

I don't have time to make one at the moment - maybe if someone contributes one there will be. - Aug 05 2004
Interesting thought. I haven't used K3B, but it might be a good idea to see if it could be turned into a KPart plugin for konq (maybe it already can, I don't know).

I wasn't really intending to make a replacement for the full-blown CD burning apps, just make a simple add in for konqueror to make it easy to make a basic data cd. I think people will always want / need this bigger programs for doing the complex jobs.

Thanks for the idea though. I'll have a look at k3b when I get some time. - Jul 29 2004
I'm working on a konqueror plugin to provide a toolbar button for burning that should be in the next version. Thanks for the suggestions. - Jul 29 2004