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Phillipe Smith Novo Gama, Brazil
Flash Video Cache Finder

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Nov 01 2011
Ok man!

I just wanted to show you another way to do that without make many validations.

Anyway this is a very useful script. - Oct 29 2011
But it can be only while the function is executed:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin

And on the end of the function:
export PATH=$PATH_ORIG - Oct 29 2011
Just export a custom PATH:

# Make sure we have lsof
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin

if [ -x `which lsof` ]; then
LSOF=`which lsof`
echo "lsof was not found... exiting"
return 1
fi - Oct 29 2011
Hi man!
You can simplify the method to verify if LSOF really exists, here is what you can do:

-# Make sure we have lsof
-if [ -x /usr/bin/lsof ]; then
- LSOF=/usr/bin/lsof
-elif [ -x /usr/sbin/lsof ]; then
- LSOF=/usr/sbin/lsof
-elif [ -x /usr/local/bin/lsof ]; then
- LSOF=/usr/local/bin/lsof
- echo "lsof was not found... exiting"
- return 1

+# Make sure we have lsof
+if [ -x `which lsof` ]; then
+ LSOF=`which lsof`
+ echo "lsof was not found... exiting"
+ return 1
+fi - Oct 28 2011
Xaphire Xfwm4 Pack

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 25 comments

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Apr 21 2014
I liked so much this theme.
What about make a Black, White and/or Gray colors? - Aug 26 2011
Cleanzz GTK 2.0 and Metacity theme

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Jun 23 2008
Hi paullinux!!!

Your theme are very! very!! Beautiful!!!

I like this very much!!!

Congrulations my friend!!! - Jun 23 2008

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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May 02 2008
Hi, sorry but I received that original wallpaper from a friend a long time, and I don't now how he acquire that. I just insert the personalized Logo of ArchLinux in the image.

Sorry my friend! and thanks for the comment!!! - May 08 2008