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Klaus-J. Luksch

Utilities by marcel83 130 comments

Same here ....

Work with openSuSE 10.3 and two sound cards, but none works. Program compiled and installed well, starts but does nothing.

I appreciate your work; would really like to use it.

Thank you - May 21 2008

Office Apps by luisguillermo 3 comments

Thank you for your work. This is an important step for people that work an both systems - Linux and Windows.

Could you please also publish the source package for us no-debian-users? Maybe another cute person can build rpm packages for different distributions then.

But for the first step the source would be ok.

Thanks again.

Greets - Jan 19 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba by zlabs 35 comments

I finally found something that could be useful:

The background image is always the same (animation works fine) and they do regular updates in shorter intervals. It doesn't matter that the image is larger than the preceding ones. A smaller problem could be that the date and time in the upper left corner is in white color and sometimes there are white clouds in that area as well so the time can not be seen to good.

I changed the theme and the script and got it running for several hours now .... without any problems. In case you (maybe the author or anybody else) are/is interested you can simply mail me. Maybe you have some ideas about the date/time in white color.

Greetings from under a cloudy sky.
- Jun 22 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by zlabs 35 comments

I tried your link (only very little changes - and without the white border) but it didn't work well. And that's because they don't have the same background image at every update. So the stillimage is ok but the animation flickers and jumps.

I also tried the SAT image from but they do an update every 2 or 3 hours only. It doesn't make much sence to see, that you got wet an hour ago. I'd like to see the clouds and thunderstorm before they come.

So please (this is to all users) try to find more usable SAT image services and report them.

Thanks in advance. - Jun 21 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by zlabs 35 comments

Since April 26th 09:30 a.m. the image is always the same.

Did they give up the service? Has anyone here more information or am I doing something wrong?

There are some other weather websites with radar and/or satelite images. Maybe we could change the link or add the url. Sure it's not simply adding something to the configuration menu - there's a lot more to do. Maybe we all should think about it and discuss it. - Apr 27 2006
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba by Matti 1797 comments

Manually, I guess. (Just kidding ;-) )
As Matt stated there might be some bugs in it. And it's night in Australia and New Zealand so I debugged a little bit to help you get it running.
Here's how to possibly solve the problem:
Go to your local home folder and there into your '.superkaramba' folder. You should find your 'old' config file. It's named 'liquid_weather.rc'. In the section [config menu] you'll find 'config_gui=true'. Delete this line. But only this one line.
You should keep a copy of this file. Now reload lpw and you should be able to run the config menu of lwp again. That's what worked here. But it crashed several times and I had to delete this line several times.
The new configuration file is named 'lwp_gui_config' and it's a good idea to keep a copy of this one too.
Cheers - Jul 31 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by p0z3r 87 comments

Of course I'm trying to find out which theme it is.
And .... I'm not complaining. I asked if anyone has the same problem. After all it isn't really a problem - it's just strange. I found a 'workaround'.
- Jul 08 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by p0z3r 87 comments

Thank you for your answer and sorry for the delay.

The following themes are running:

I installed superkaramba (0.36) on another computer and started the same themes and I have the same phenomenon.
btw: I start superkaramba /path/theme1 /path/theme2 /path/theme3 and so on. I do not call superkaramba with any single theme. But I guess that's not the point.
- Jul 05 2005
Evolution Biff

Karamba & Superkaramba by selan 18 comments

I've got another question to the same subject.
While using Evolution 1.46 on two computers I used unison to copy all modified data from one computer to another. Everything (calendar, tasks, contact and mail was stored in $USER/evolution.

Multisync doens't work with mail so I cannot use it.

Can one tell me where Evolution 2 stores all its data?

Thanks a lot in advance.

And ... I used evobiff also and I would regret if it wouldn't work anymore. Maybe the small patch helps. I'm gonna try. - Jul 01 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by p0z3r 87 comments

Hello community

I found a strange behavior with - I guess - superkaramba. Several superkaramba apps are running on my desktop (SuSE 9.0, KDE3.4.1). And there runs gkrellm with the gkrelltop-plugin. This plugin shows the 3 processes using most of CPU. My computer runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any restart or reboot - Linux and KDE. After a while - about a day - everything slows down. Gkrelltop shows that the X-process uses 1%. The next day everything (really everything) runs even more slower. Gkrelltop show X with 2 %. This goes on and on and the machine gets slower and slower.
I thought this is a problem in KDE. I mean KDE is a big project and there could be any kind of memory problem one can imagine. After a KDE-restart everything was fast again and the Gkrelltop plugin shows quite normal. But a KDE-restart slows my work and so I tried to find another solution.
I found out that a superkaramba restart does exactly the same. So maybe there is a problem in superkaramba.
Does anyone of you observe something similar? Are the any known bugs concerning this?
I'd like to hear/read from you. Let's keep the discussion running.
- Jun 06 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by arutkowski 9 comments

let me first tell you that I waited long for such a superkaramba application. I really appreciate your work. Unfortunately you used PHP and not Python.

I still use another program like this one - bioritmi, an applet for the kde kicker. And while your application shows my emotional curve with 198 (very high) biorithmi show it very low. This brought me to checking this.
Today I'm exactly 15,800 days old (I know that's old ;-) ). The emotional curve is 28 days longs. (I think it really is shorter because it is connected to the moon: 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes and 11.5 seconds). Dividing the 15,800 days to 28 gives 564.29. What does that mean? 8 Days ago it was exactly 564 and in 20 days it will be 565.

These 8 days are about a fourth of the way of a sinus curve. So it might not be correct to almost up or almost down. What is right? How does this all work?

Any explanations and help are appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance. - May 05 2005
Aero METAR Pro

Karamba & Superkaramba by AdrienV 7 comments

Hi and thank you for your responce.

I'm pretty new to Python and so I don't really know what I did. ;-)

In the file '' I changed the path to Python executable (/usr/local/bin/python). And I deleted 'import urllib'. Within the def-paragraph I inserted "urllib = __import__('urllib')". And so I got over the nasty error message complaining the math library.

In the file '' I had to change "metarText = karamba.getThemeText(widget, "metar")" to "metarText = karamba. createText(widget, 0, 0, 360,360, "... loading ...")". And with these two changes the karamba application runs.

In addition to that I changed the url to "" to get the information in a better readable format.

After all I'm pretty sure it's a versioning problem and it would be helpful to know what versions are required. Can you please post your versions of superkaramba, python, pyqt and what else is needed? Thank you in advance. - Apr 23 2005
Aero METAR Pro

Karamba & Superkaramba by AdrienV 7 comments

I'd like to use this theme but there's a problem.
ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.3/lib-dynload/ undefined symbol: PyFPE_jbuf

I use several other superkaramba themes and all of theme work well.

What's wrong here? Any help appreciated. - Apr 19 2005

Groupware by denisq 93 comments

compiled kmobiletools to finally get access to my Sagem cellphone. Everything worked fine. When I start the appl it runs but has no frontend. I can see the task in the process table but that's all.
Starting it in a shell brings ">>>" and a non-printable character and that's it.
What did I wrong? The cellphone Sagen MX 6 is connected to the USB port and I'm using SuSE Linux 9.0 on a x86 platform. I tried everything under KDE 3.3.0.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance - Aug 31 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by glitchthirteen 21 comments

Changing to .png-files seems to be a good idea. Unfortunately I can't help you with that.
But please kept maintaining this project. - Jul 01 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by glitchthirteen 21 comments

I like it and really appreciate it. It's good work and very useful. But the contrast between the inactive black and the active blue is not too good. I know that Windows uses green and I don't want to copy Windows, but I think a light green would be much better.
What do you think about a further configuration dialog to let the user decide whether to use blue or green or whatever?
(Unfortunately just changing the .xpm files doesn't work because gimp destroyes the header information.) - Jul 01 2004
Liquid Kalendar

Karamba & Superkaramba by baraquda 40 comments

to convert/translate this theme into English you have to do more than what the .py-file says.
You have to change every 'find(cal_string, "So")' to 'find(cal_string, "Su")'.

Monday is ok because the German "Montag' and the English 'Monday' both start with "Mo'.

Please continue this theme. Your next step should be (you already said) to color the current day.
- Feb 02 2004
SIM Instant Messenger

Chat & Messenging by Diavolo 63 comments


I use SIM 0.9.3 CVS-Version 20040202 and I have some problems. I use it in a mixed way with contacts in ICQ and contacts in AOL. I mean a really mixed way: in several groups are ICQ and AOL contacts. After disconnecting and reconnecting to one of the two services some groups disappaer (always, but not always the same ones) and contacts formerly beeing in a group are in the 'not listet' area again.
After some disconnects/reconnects (because server, ISP and so on) I have to create the missing groups and to rearrange the contacts several times a day.
And that steels time I don't have. I tried to observe this very well to give you a higher chance to find this bug quicker.
Every morning (MESZ) I create a new version from the CVS so I can give you a daily response about what has happened.
I love SIM and I need it to keep in contact with friends and businesspartners. So it would be great to have this problem solved.
- Feb 02 2004
SIM Instant Messenger

Chat & Messenging by Diavolo 63 comments

I like this app. It's great and workes well. And I think it's a lot better than kopete.

Recently I updated to 0.9.2 and I'm a little bit disappointed. The features are great but it has become very very slow.

Are there any know bugs concerning this or is it just because of the many features (plugins)? And will there be a plugin for converting the old history files?

Thanx - Jan 14 2004
Scheduler for Superkaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba by trtmrt 34 comments

Hi Brana,

thank you for your fast reply and bugfix. It works for me after I made one more change:
In line 131 of is one small bug. There is 'May' between 'April' and 'June'. In your version you have 'March'. It's not critical but I had to change it ;-)

Anyway - good work. I use the theme daily. And it helps me a lot. - Jan 04 2004
Scheduler for Superkaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba by trtmrt 34 comments

I still don't know what's wrong. But this theme run well for every day of 2003 and since January 1st it crashes. And it kills all other running superkaramba themes.

When I restart it I can see the background with nothing in it and it crashes whenever the mouse pointer touches the window.

Is there a known bug? Otherwise I will try to get more information.

- Jan 02 2004
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba by Matti 1797 comments

Hi Matti and all users in Europe,

today I installed release 1.2 and I must say "The best superkaramba-theme I've ever seen".

Unfortunately the link to the pressure map for Europe is wrong. I think BBS Weather chanced it, because it once worked. But everybody can change this very easily.

Open the file,
go to line 79,
and then find the 3d link in this file.

Now replace to
(So they simply dropped the 'o'.)

That's all. And now enjoy the pressure map of Europe.

Much fun and thanks Matti for this wonderful theme
- Oct 01 2003
Evolution Biff

Karamba & Superkaramba by selan 18 comments

Hi, I really appreciate your theme and work. But I'm having big problems to get evolution to be loud when new mail arrived. I tried everything and nothing worked. All the other apps work with sound - evolution doesn't. Anyway.

Did you ever think about implementing a "play sound file when new mail arrived"? I think it couldn't be to much and difficult work. Unfortunately I don't know any python and so my try ended in a sound play every update intervall. That' loud now ;-)

Could be a nice improvement to your improvement. Think about it.

And thank you in advance

- Sep 25 2003
Todo List

Karamba & Superkaramba by nickaau 11 comments

Thank you Nick

now it works with both mouse buttons depending on what is configured in the .py.script-file.

Work on that. There could be a priority field, sorting mechanism, "untill" field and notification. I count on you. ;-)

Great job.
- Sep 11 2003
Todo List

Karamba & Superkaramba by nickaau 11 comments

Hi, I changed "OnlyAllowMiddleButton = 1" to "0" in the script file ( But that didn't work. Changed it back now and the middle mouse button (wheel) works perfect.


- Sep 10 2003
Todo List

Karamba & Superkaramba by nickaau 11 comments

nice idea, would like to use it, but ...

The theme starts and shows the +-Button. That's it. Clicking on it does nothing and reports "meterClicked is going to be called" into .xsession-errors. Nothing else. What can I do to solve this problem? Any hints?

Thank you in advance - Sep 10 2003
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba by Matti 1797 comments

Had the same problem: everything worked except the sat pic and the web cam pic. In lines 79 and 117 of the /opt/kde3/share/apps/superkaramba/themes/liquid_weather_plus/ I found the references to the background of the pics. I'm not a python programmer and know nothing about the path thing there but I tried to copy the webcambg.png from the /opt/kde3/...-directory to the directory ~/.superkaramba and ... it works.
Don't ask me why. But maybe that's a hint for Matti.

Hope it helped all and works for all of you.

BTW thanks for the theme; it's great - Sep 10 2003