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Kirill Baranov Moscow, Russian Federation
Device Manager

Plasma 4 Extensions 175 comments

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Sep 01 2009
Thanks a lot. I've done it.

-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX - that was all I need.

Thanks once more. Nice plasmoid. - Sep 06 2009
Well, it could seem funny, but I didn't manage to install this plasmoid. I run Fedora Core 11.

I downloaded sources, generated make files from CMakeLists.txt, ran "make", then ran "sudo make install". After that I couldn't see "Device Manager" item in "Add widgets" menu. I thought I should have restarted Plasma, so I did, but I still did not see what I wanted to see. I restarted computer then but it didn't help as well.

What did I do in a wrong way? Thanks beforehand. - Sep 06 2009