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Peter Cooner DC, United States of America
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Ubuntu 3d GDM

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Mar 18 2007
I like them both really, this one is simpler and more picture, the 2.0 one is better made... I'm thinking I may come back to this one and re-write the xml file and otherwise clean it up but keep its very simple interface and the minimal art... We'll see when I find more time :-) - Mar 21 2007
I don't have time to poke at it this weekend but I plan to next week. I'll update mine based on yours, though I'll fix the problems I found in yours while I'm poking.

Thanks - Mar 04 2007
Well I made this particular for two reasons:

One because I was so impressed with the use of the Ubuntu logo for the wallpaper...

Two, I made it because I hate the default Ubuntu GDM (feels totally lame imho) and felt this would be a much better default logo that I thought I would make it.

I'm not looking for something else to make for a new GDM but have yet to be quite as inspired... something with a bladerunner feel...

Anyway, thanks for your input. :-)
- Feb 16 2007
ubuntu 3d desktop set

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Sep 21 2006
Hey I went and got unlazy and did it myself. I've uploaded the result here: - Feb 11 2007
This is really nice you should make it into a GDM too it could become official! heh. - Feb 11 2007