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Plasma 5 Applets 46 comments

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Jun 21 2020
Can we configure the size of the window when the applet is docked? I would like to use it in Latte Dock but when I click on it the window is tiny. - Mar 21 2018
Breeze Blur


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Mar 29 2016
Nope, it doesn't. Anyway I will figure this out. Thank you very much. - Jan 20 2018
Awesome, nice theme! I am getting some crashes with qtcurve in systemsettings5, but as soon as I solve this I will try this theme. I also hope it provides customizability :) Thanks your the answser, keep up the nice work. - Jan 19 2018
Can we see screenshot of the menus? I would like it if they resembled osx blurred menus - Jan 16 2018
Plasma 5 Windows Blur

Various Plasma Theming 43 comments

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May 24 2019
Thanks for your time ☺ - Jan 17 2018
Well, can they be blurred too? - Jan 16 2018
So, windows are blurred but the menus aren't? Or they are just transparent all together? Thank you for your time. - Jan 16 2018
Are the menus blurred like osx? - Jan 16 2018
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by gcala

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9   Dec 29 2016