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May 19 2006
I made a research by google and found out (noticed at last) that the default bg_pixmap[NORMAL] takes over the menu background. I made a 10x10 pixels white .png image, copied it to this theme's gtk-2.0 folder and added the line

bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "menu_bg.png"

to the menu section. So it looks like this:
style "wv-menu"
bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "menu_bg.png"

engine "pixmap"

This hack works nicely. COOL! - Oct 15 2005
Actually it doesn't work with Azureus too (any more), but only with mozilla products. - Oct 15 2005
The panel tip worked perfectly, thanks.

Removing those files didn't help. It looks like this (your screenshot is opened in the browser in the background):

In Firefox, Azureus it works like on your screenshot, but in most gnome applications it is like on my screenshot.

I use Fedora Core 4.

I really like your theme now. I just wasn't used to it earlier. :) - Oct 14 2005
Oh, I already like it now alreay. I was too used to the Clearlooks theme I used before I think, but more themes (not only different colours as red, blue, brown and so on, but also themes that has elemements with different variations - lighter gray, white instead of gray etc.) would be cool.

Now I don't like the black line below and on the right of the panel. A screenshot of it:
It just doesn't seem so smooth and beautiful...

Thank you very much for this theme! :D - Oct 14 2005
OK, actually the gray is not bad, but even nice. Everything is quite cool. Just the brightness (!). Maybe my eyes are too sensitive at the moment.

Maybe just more colour themes ... and that white bacground to menus in some themes ... and less brightness in some themes ...

:) - Oct 14 2005
It is really cool and nice, but the only problem is that I don't like some colours so much:
1) On the screenshot menu background is white or something like that and it is really cool, but with the default package it is gray as backgrounds everywhere with this theme. It would be cool if it is like on the screenshot. It would be cool if all menus had that white like background
2) Secondly I don't like the overall gray backgrounds of windows (I mean what is behind toolbar icons, statusbar and so on). It is a bit too foggy/bright or something and maybe even too dark. My eyes doesn't like it. I don't know what would be better, but something more clean and not so contrasty. Something near white, not so bright and foggy maybe.

That's my opinion at the moment after trying this theme.

Really cool otherwise. I really like the panel background and button hover effects. - Oct 14 2005