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Mar 11 2014
Hello, Valerio.

Thank you very much for your interest in PAC!!

The questions/suggestions/bugs/etc are better placed at sourceforges's PAC project page ( )

Now, the answers:

1) Is it possible to have some connections (especially the ones in a group) to autoconnect when PAC is started? --> I heve been thinking about that for a very long time!! ;) I'll think about the best way of doing it and I'll try to implement it for the next PAC release.

2) For each terminal, I can change the color of the fonts and of the background, but can I change the color scheme of the shell itself (for example, the color used when showing the results of ls)? PAC doesn't seem to pick up on the system ones (On Ubuntu Maverick)! --> Sorry, no way to change 'shell sheme' (but you mat automate that, by using PAC's expect options!)

Once again, thank you very much!

- David. - Jan 09 2011
No, thanks to *you* for trying PAC!

- David. - Dec 14 2010
There you are: PAC

I am very sorry for the inconvenience... it was my fault...

- David. - Dec 14 2010

Yes, I found that bug. I hope to have it solved by today.

- David. - Dec 14 2010
Hi! Thank you very much!

No way to impor nor export your configured connections, but there is no problem, since config file is at "$HOME/.pac/pac.yml" - Aug 29 2010
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Jul 30 2010
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Jul 23 2010