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Jan 18 2009
Maybe not all people are equally talented, or have equal time to give birth and mature a new creation?

Puzzled that a simple theme can stir so much passion! - Feb 03 2009
Updated theme to fix this issue.

New version 1.9 provides embossed black panel handles and also a black fast user switching menu.

- Jan 18 2009
VERY happy this time with a tweaked version of the Dust theme. Modified selected color to #6F87E7 in GNOME themes preference dialog to have a nice blue overall color instead of the original dark brown. - Jan 11 2009

Finally had time to try and answer this question.

In gtkrc file, replace the last lines :

widget "*PanelWidget*" style "panelbuttons-black"
widget "*PanelApplet*" style "panelbuttons-black"
#Comment out the following line if you use a transparent panel
class "*Panel*" style "panel-black"
#Not sure if you need any of those?!...
#widget_class "*notif*" style "panel-black"
#widget_class "*Notif*" style "panel-black"
#widget_class "*Tray*" style "panel-black"
#widget_class "*tray*" style "panel-black"
#class "*notif*" style "panel-black"
#class "*Notif*" style "panel-black"
#class "*Tray*" style "panel-black"

with these ones :

# Theme panel elements
widget_class "Panel*GtkToggleButton" style:highest "panelbuttons-black"
widget_class "Panel*GtkButton" style:highest "panelbuttons-black"
widget "*PanelWidget*" style:highest "panel-black"
widget "*PanelApplet*" style:highest "panel-black"
widget "*fast-user-switch*" style "panel-black"
class "PanelApp*" style "panel-black"
class "PanelToplevel*" style "panel-black"
widget_class "*Mail*" style "panel-black"
widget_class "*notif*" style "panel-black"
widget_class "*Notif*" style "panel-black"

Uses the original Nimbus engine to draw the handles. Hope you like it better that way! - Jan 11 2009
More seriously: I would also love to see more original, creative and modern themes for Gnome. Unfortunately I'm not a designer, and have no time to create a whole new, shiny, glassy modern theme. Today, Clearlooks is clearly not my taste...

If you have references to those kind of themes, I'd be grateful to hear! - Apr 14 2008
Looks like you've been there... - Apr 13 2008
Uploaded higher quality screenshots (up to the 300K limit). Thanks! - Apr 12 2008
All widgets are unchanged and rendered directly by the Nimbus engine.

Have a look at the scrollbars on my screenshots for example.

Are you sure that you also have the original Nimbus theme installed on your computer?

Nimbus-Vistalooks depends on the original Nimbus theme engine. - Mar 21 2008