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GTK2 Themes by rezza 23 comments

The above link doesn't work. Can you give an alternative link? - Jul 08 2006
drops one

Wallpaper Other by paninaro 6 comments

Where is this waterfall? - May 11 2006

KDE 3 Color Schemes by dherik 10 comments

I can't see in Konqueror the name of the files and directories. I can't see also the text of some buttons. - Jan 31 2006
Tux and Curry Save!

Wallpaper Other by BorgQueen 6 comments

Really, it is!
P.S.: Бре, тук има и още един българин! - Jan 08 2006
KDE Rocks!

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by PhilBG 6 comments

The penguins is very cute! With those nerveous eyes... But please, remove the cigarette. - Jan 08 2006

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by motyR 383 comments

Will anyone make a package for Kubuntu? - Jan 05 2006
I love Linux (several languages)

Wallpaper Other by alexdark 37 comments

"Обичам Линукс" is "I love Linux", and "С всеки ден ставаме повече" is "Every day we are more". - Jan 05 2006
Siro for DeKorator

deKorator Themes by 18volt 8 comments

Where did you find "Lucida Grande" font? - Dec 30 2005
Siro for DeKorator

deKorator Themes by 18volt 8 comments

I have a few questions, because I like very much your desktop:
1. What color scheme are you using?
2. What style are you using?
3. What fonts are you using?
4. What are the icons you are using? - Dec 29 2005

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by motyR 383 comments

You don't have permission to access /deKorator/dekorator-0.1_0.1-1_i386.deb on this server.

This is a package for Kubuntu, right? Why can't I download it? - Dec 18 2005
Gospodin Pingvin

Wallpaper Other by kosmo 12 comments

Gospodin is Mister in Bulgarian language. We should ask the author in which language is. - Dec 18 2005
Aero AIO

Karamba & Superkaramba by AdrienV 342 comments

The configuration tool don't starts. Here is the traceback:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/penguinzdravko/Aero-AIO-0.8b/scripts/", line 533, in ?
File "/home/penguinzdravko/Aero-AIO-0.8b/scripts/", line 526, in main
File "/home/penguinzdravko/Aero-AIO-0.8b/scripts/", line 462, in __init__
File "/home/penguinzdravko/Aero-AIO-0.8b/scripts/", line 386, in __init__
self.page1 = Page1(self)
File "/home/penguinzdravko/Aero-AIO-0.8b/scripts/", line 356, in __init__
self.group3 = Page1_Box3(self)
File "/home/penguinzdravko/Aero-AIO-0.8b/scripts/", line 164, in __init__
theme_index = self.theme_list.index(conf["theme"])
ValueError: list.index(x): x not in list

I am using Aero AIO 0.8b and SuperKaramba 0.37. - Dec 16 2005

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by motyR 383 comments

Please, make Kubuntu packages! I like very much deKorator, but I too get an error with aclocal. - Dec 08 2005

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by john007 36 comments

I get an error during compiling:
What should I do? - Dec 08 2005
Tux buttons - flags of EU countries

Various Gnome Stuff by caminoix 4 comments

Will you add flags of non-EU countries, but in Europe? - Dec 04 2005
New Human

Metacity Themes by ngnr 11 comments

Why I can't select blue color scheme? - Nov 28 2005
KUbuntu KMenu

Icon Sub-Sets by iuliux 5 comments

Hmm...Why I don't have icons directory in /home/penguinzdravko/.kde/share? - Nov 21 2005
Crystal Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions by smihael 124 comments

This thing shows that my CPU usage is 100%. I think is not right. How can i fix that thing with the CPU usage? - Nov 19 2005
Darkness Theme

KDE 3.5 Themes by fatalkastro 17 comments

I have the same problem, how can I change the window color? - Nov 17 2005
Bluesky TuxConcert

Wallpaper Other by lizardking 5 comments

Please, make a 1024x768 version! - Nov 10 2005
The Breezy Badger

Wallpaper Other by Darker 2 comments

Will you make a 1024x768 version? I very like it, that's why I want 1024x768. - Nov 04 2005