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Windows 10 Plasma Theme

Plasma Themes by elbullazul 11 comments

The link is down for the kwin theme, please re-upload this aurorae theme! - Aug 24 2016
Windows 10 like Decoration

Plasma Window Decorations by finaprp 3 comments

OP, can you pls make a white version of this? I've tried to edit the theme on Inkscape to no use, i cannot make it white to match my theme. - Aug 24 2016

Plasma Window Decorations by staffck1 6 comments

This is by far the best desktop and window theme, but I tried to modify it to win7 bright buttons and it doesn't seem to fit. And I have no exp on editing svg files.

Please could you do a version of diamond but with the buttons from win7 bright theme for kde? please?? - Jan 12 2015