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Plasma 4 Extensions 130 comments

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Nov 15 2008
I have a similar problem.

In file included from /home/pbienst/plasma-applet-quicklauncher-0.3/src/quicklauncher.cpp:22:
/home/pbienst/plasma-applet-quicklauncher-0.3/src/quicklauncher.h:43:39: error: plasma/layouts/vboxlayout.h: No such file or directory - Aug 01 2008

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May 02 2016
See here:

Peter - Apr 14 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba 10 comments

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Oct 13 2005
Try 0.1.2, it doesn't require SWIG anymore to build. - Oct 23 2003
Try 0.1.2, it doesn't require SWIG anymore to build - Oct 23 2003
What versions are you using?

I use Python 2.2.3, gcc 3.2.2, and swig 1.3.19, and I don't have any problems. - Oct 23 2003
Well, the entire point of the widget is to be as discreet as possible and not interrupt your current work by popping up a dialog box.

The widget will wait patiently until you stumble across it again and answer the question.

Do you think a configurable option to pop up a dialog box would be useful? I could probably add something like that to a next release. - Oct 18 2003